Get Yours and Gift a Copy of 'American Marxism' for Black Friday


By the way you got to watch life liberty and label in this Sunday 8 p.m. good lord it's part one of the Trump interview You want to see this great interview two big huge personalities and a lot of news was made actually in this interview So you should watch that It's this Sunday on Fox part one of the Trump interview and of course you know Black Friday is coming the day after tomorrow right That's when you're supposed to check off all the boxes on your shopping list And you know there are people in your life that need to read American Marxism It's a great book It's the book to define the era that we're living in right now I'm drawing off of it as we speak for the first two hours here Many of the things that I've raised and brought up about how there's an intent to divide and change and deconstruct this nation it's right there in American Marxism and more importantly in his final chapter in its epic That final chapter could be a book in and of itself It talks about where we go from here and what we can do about it That's what I love about Mark

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