Caller's Tradition Is Reading the Thanksgiving Proclamation Then Discuss World Issues


So a tradition that we do in my family is from Thanksgiving and my mom always reads the things giving proclamation And then we have a nice family discussion about what's going on in the world Oh really Wow So wait so first you start with George Washington's Thanksgiving proclamation which is beautiful and I love that And then I love moms move there So mom reads the proclamation and then sets it aside and said now let's talk about Biden How it works And is there a disagreement Sometimes All right So what do you gonna raise any issues Jenna This time around what are you gonna bring up Oh there's tons of stuff I could bring up pretty much like the Keystone pipeline and you know the gas prices Yeah And you can start with inflation too Jenna God bless you Thank you for jumping in here I bet you're gonna have a beautiful Thanksgiving in Idaho Enjoy it Please And thank you for being a part of the Mark Levin show

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