Selfish (MM #3883)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. Aaron Rodgers has been in the news the last couple of days, not for how the Green Bay Packers are doing, but of course, for not telling the whole truth about being vaccinated for COVID-19 when he was asked to direct question before the season. A lot of people are weighing in, and the one thing I keep hearing is the word selfish that it has nothing to do with whether he wanted to be vaccinated or not. There are lots of people in the NFL that aren't vaccinated. We already know who they are, but he kind of said he was immunized. Everybody thought him being immunized, and he was vaccinated. He was being deceitful. He was being selfish. Because at the end of the day, if you know he's not vaccinated, you can try to stay away. Because he wouldn't wear a mask because everybody thought he was vaccinated. It's causing a lot of problems. What we haven't heard yet is how his teammates feel. We're hearing a lot of people weigh in, but not the most important people. Selfish is an interesting word to describe Aaron Rodgers. Scrubs a lot of people these days, not just about COVID-19. We live in a very selfish world. I guess it's true. We care about ourselves and nobody else. And that's scary.

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