Democrats Are Schizophrenic Saying Critical Race Theory Is Not Taught


More from belcher Cut ten CRT was on the ballot And quite frankly it was a mobilizing energizing force on the right And Democrats on the right Period Not just on the right with all kinds of people Independents Democrats Republicans all came together and said no Now you have people like Christopher roof oh and Michael Gonzales had heritage and others who had been talking about this for some time But right here we nationalize this issue We nationalized it behind this microphone We nationalized it on the vin TV life liberty and Levin of course in American Marxism We explained it in great detail Because I have these platforms A year or two ago nobody understood what critical race theory was Nobody And people began to see what was happening to their children in the classroom during the pandemic Because the virtual learning what is this stuff And we've spent hours and hours and hours of going through this and extensively writing about it On a national platform that reaches every corner of this country in millions and millions of people So we were familiar with it and so in the media pushed back on behalf of their benefactors And push back and said it's not being taught We told them their liars When they said it's not racist we told them their liars The whole point of the book is we even told them who invented the ideas who developed the ideas whose writing books on the ideas and what these ideas are

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