Alex Berenson: 'Science Is a Tool, Not an Arbiter' When Talking About Coronavirus


Like this the endless fear campaigns are always aligned with two narratives uri and only two narratives Alex If you don't promote mask mandates and vaccine mandates nothing else is to be spoken of and they both involve the aggregation of power with people who benefit from it You mentioned Ivermectin you're a horse paster You mentioned antibodies all you're in it with big pharma You don't know where you Ronda said this to anybody These are all these are testable hypotheses Does this stuff work or not I would agree that and I'd say something else which is science is science is very very important obviously But science ultimately is a mechanism Science doesn't have the answer Science gave us the atomic bomb But it was a political and military decision to drop that bomb Science can tell us masks work or don't work or they work somewhere well It is a political decision to tell everybody to wear a mask It is a medical decision to say you're young you're at low risk from COVID I don't think you should be vaccinated even if there might be some slight benefit to you Because I'm not sure the benefit and I'm not sure the long term risk On the other hand if you're older it looks to us like the risk is a lot higher from COVID And so we think the vaccine is a better back from you Those science is a tool ultimately It is not the arbiter We are the arbiters through our political process and doctors doctors seem to have forgotten the medical process The first rule of medicine do no harm Think about risk first and they got to that because they did so much harm for so long I'm not talking about in our lifetimes I'm talking about in the Middle Ages in the dark ages doctors killed people They bled people to death They cut holes in people's heads It took medicine a really long time to understand that you could do tremendous harm in the sake of doing good And we seem to have forgotten that in the last few

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