Everyone Wants Dan to Comment on His Vaccine Mandate Convictions



Listening I'm getting a ton of emails from people looking for comment about my ongoing fight here with cumulus about this vaccine mandate You don't have to email me for a comment Every comment has been made on the show I'm obviously I don't try not to speak to reporters if I can help it from left wing rag outlets 'cause I don't want them making any money off my name and a click at least with my comments Sometimes it's impossible But I do my best But there's nothing out there that I haven't said on this show and on my podcast today where I go into even more detail Nothing So you know and please stop with the stupid questions again about the fox fictitious vaccine mandate that doesn't exist Please stop the insanity I'll get to that in a second too You're making yourselves look like idiots I don't understand what part of it you don't get that there's no vaccine mandate at Fox I don't know what part of it I don't know how many times that fact brick has to hit you in the head until you get through your dopey melons that there's no vaccine mandated I don't know what you're talking about And nobody else there does either It's not even gaslighting It's just pure

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