Russell Wilson leads Seahawks past 49ers 28-21


Russell Wilson tossed touchdown passes to decay met captain Freddie Swain the Seahawks twenty twenty one win over the forty Niners at Levi's stadium Wilson would complete sixteen of twenty three for a hundred and forty nine yards as Seattle ends a two game losing skid thinking about losing three in a row thing about losing whining about losing two eyes don't think about it it's not in my repertoire I was on my thought process because we don't think about it as the about women so yeah I think the biggest thing is winning the winning winning the process every week every day that's why we've been able to be so successful San Francisco would turn to rookie quarterback Trey lance in the second half after starter Jimmy Garoppolo's left with a calf injury let's Withrow for a hundred and fifty seven yards and two touchdowns I'm Mike Reeves

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