A highlight from BIPOC Workplace Mental Health


But we have to just acknowledge the problem. There are different challenges that we all face with our mental health because of the way the society treats us and the systems that perpetuate the way that society treats us that aren't going away anytime soon. And so we're working within ourselves and our own mental and emotional health that we're also working against and often within those systems. You're listening to inside mental health, a psych central podcast, where experts share experiences and the latest thinking on mental health and psychology. Here's your host, Gabe Howard welcome to this week's episode of inside mental health, a psych central podcast. I'm your host Gabe Howard, and I want to thank our sponsor better help. You can grab a week free just by visiting better help dot com slash psych central. Calling into the show today, we have Mara Lehi and Naomi, hirabayashi. Together they are the cofounders and co CEOs of shine, a self care platform and community that provides users with daily emotional support, I am excited to welcome both of you to the show. Thanks, Gabe. We're really excited to be here. Now, on the shine website, I was intrigued by this statement, quote, we started shine because we didn't see ourselves a black woman and a half Japanese woman and our experiences represented in mainstream wellness. Our bodies, our skin color, our financial access, our past traumas, it all often felt otherwise. Can you share with our listeners why you felt otherwise? Thanks Gabe for asking that. And it's definitely an honor to be here me and I have read up on your story and just appreciate your vulnerability and just creating this face space for people like us to come and talk about this stuff. In terms of why we felt other eyes, we started shine because of a problem that we experienced and just to give listeners context, shine is really building the world's most inclusive mental health membership. So that means if you've experienced hardship because of the color of your skin, the gender you identify with the people you love, the size of your body,

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