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Good story because what you're doing is perfectly natural it's a human nature move to want to break the ice and and bond with the people in the room find some connection so that's right be gotta good soviet a story because he weather iced you late please do you her when the issues that oreal i'm robert auditioning for the port of duisburg number three hi ramp and so hey proper you from again can't city a hot and how telling you six two or six three depending on the shoes can you tell us your i kohler end your hair color play i could argue different people to overthrow the source of them's green sometimes blew out it was a vase all it and my here's brown a a hunger hero and and so irap where did you studied did you steady world yes did with different places really but you know comedy was at the upper its citizens brigade theater have went out here and there but it was that the money is sort of pay for rain yeah you do in till you get good enough yeah without levels again they have well they have three levels and i did all three so and then eventually made a house team so yeah and then and then you know i studied university kansas i was a theater phil major there would you consider getting a care as the character thought i mean i'm to you yes sir what's i would do that i don't i i wanna i wanna to warn anybody.

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