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What baseball player do you know that hits a walk-off run to get his team in the world series? God chatted yes and goes around the base clutching his chest instead of totally Cadillac with his hands. On let me just answer your question as far as what? What else do I want them to do? First of all. I'm not the aggrieved party. I don't want to do anything I don't care but but you don't have to force me to accept or believe in their apology I I would have. I would have been more satisfied if I had heard more is and less. We's I wish I had. I could have or God forbid someone have. We'll earlier I said I I should have done more. I'm talking about the guys. Yes you know. Ask the the guys Lagman too. I mean someone well. That's stuff was so everyone could have gotten on the couch and said tonight shows Point Arabia's Carlos Correa I wish I had had the courage to get up there and say this is an excuse the that would be so difficult and it's called House. I wish I had been man enough to stand up and say you know this isn't right but you know what I I couldn't I wouldn't. It wasn't working. I mean if someone had done something like that Carlos Correa came close to that but he also said. Don't blame the soil on Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran Right. They weren't that important. I'm we could've done we as a team collectively could've done more. Grain specifically was to deny the impact or values. What you should have done if you Jim Craig and I. I think Jean will agree with this. You Get up there and you say what you know. We think we won the championship. And and you know we. We think we were the best team. We think we're the best team but from now on anybody for Major League Baseball wants to come in. Our dugout can do that anytime they want any time they want. That's what should because then you're saying you know we're not cheating again and they will of course but so. I'm just I understand why other players say what they say but I would sit down. That's not so. Just tell me what you want them to do at this point and if you say give back the championship I come rights with come on now. I agree championship but I think there are steps. In between that in terms of suspensions finds I mean like they agreed Major League Baseball in order to get anybody to cooperate at all offered immunity to all the players. And then when you say suspensions they suspended two people who were directly responsible the general manager and the manager and the owner fired them now. We'll say this. We had jeff passing on yesterday. He killed Jim created. Wow I mean even I mean if you saw me if I was not on camera he was on camera. We're going WHOA Tony. What back in his chair and it was his own reporting. He wasn't using someone else's reporting says it was his he got it. He was really good so he had written a story a couple of years ago. Now he's really bad hinted at this cheating but there are two things at work here. There there is. There is a contingent like to your point. Like what else do you want them to? That's all I mean. And and that is a fair question. But that's that's different than saying. That was a lame apology particularly crane. Which is fair is fair. I'm talking about the players to the players. Could this is a position that other players can have where they can criticize these people? You can in the moment but players seem to be ultimately for doolittle's appoint granted their teammates but they're ultimately going to be forgiving place. 'cause they know what they would do fragment ends up on your team around his Chapman. You'll be happy. You're not get out of here. Cheater third for us and you know hit forty home runs. I mean Nelson Cruz aims. He got back and everybody he Nelson's back to pitch for the central Missouri. Mules baseball team is calm and US. What what what do you want from this? I want the Astros all the players to pool their money together. Reopen Chatter in funded for a period of no less than fifty years. There are some people who want the a world series shares to be given. I thought well I thought not about the share specifically but I thought this is something crane could have done said. Look I'm going to take money out of my own pocket aunt because of this. I'm going to give it two boys girls already baseball. Little League. I'm GONNA let everybody flurry. Of course this is Torii. Things should speak to this better than I. Jim Crane. Ken believe if he wants to that. It didn't impact the game. You cannot say that I'll say it I mean I I don't know how the hand Sabres we get out of here We'll switch gears. Utterly Brian Windhorst will come on the shelf from Chicago and talk about the NBA. A little bit. I'm.

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