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WWE, Japan, MW discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network


WWe They all liked annexed team they all liked eight w some of them talked about new Japan one of them was a huge fan of w e said Mw's the one show I watch every week but like one guy was regularly watching main roster wwe just totally nuts person-years says so far out of thirty seven draft picks eleven were different than what the w would have given so what they're doing basically is they're still doing the supplementary draft right now and I guess we'll get the I'll get the just after the break everybody can see who may be going wear but that's the big hook tonight after a smackdown that was largely completely boring and I thought a bad shell they're just doing another draft on Monday and on top of doing the draft they're opening up the same way they open on smackdown with a match to determine who gets the first pick tonight which on Friday they screwed you out of what did you think smackdown Jim you remember a week ago would it was so exciting to be a wrestling fan yes the New Year's Day hangover and I it was just mad window-dressing with people but it was canoes though good news the hangover but you get the hair of the dog after on Monday you still got Tuesday but you got dark got interview a power things things that is true Suze Yeah Nwf power is definitely my red beer after her last week's hangover for sure I loved Nwea power back in a moment observer five they won't kill you use the blue pills the charge.

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