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Keeney says corona virus is an infection of the respiratory system so of course people with underlying lung problems like emphysema COPD as mom or even congestive heart failure they may be at a higher risk for complications but on the other hand he says even someone without those conditions could be at higher risk if they have immunity issues or other health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes it's always safe to check with your doctor Steve Gregory KFI news Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says he should not have used the words used against two Supreme Court justices during a rally as an abortion case from Louisiana it was before the High Court but in no way was I making a threat Schumer directed his speech at justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh yesterday saying they will pay the price for how they decide the abortion case you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says anyone would consider that a threat at the very best as promised for a scholarship astonishingly reckless and completely irresponsible Chief Justice John Roberts called Schumer's words inappropriate and dangerous a liquor company has issued a warning for people trying to make their own hand sanitizer amid the corona virus outbreak a shortage of cleaning supplies have led some people to turn to the internet for do it yourself hand sanitizer recipes Texas based vodka maker Tito's is warning customers that its famous handmade vodka is best used for drinking not disinfecting the company posted the warning online after a Twitter user claim they made hand sanitizer out of its vodka Tito's explained the CDC calls for sanitizers to contain at least sixty percent alcohol to be effective Tito's vodka is only forty percent alcohol Deborah mark KFI news.

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