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I Allstate Corp as they came out how they were feeling and every single one said they felt absolutely fine hello to you get this wonderful feeling all well being off to you've been into a crop circle which may last up to six weeks are they still there my question as for me I I I got lots of samples reports and so I got in touch with Mary and I said I think this might just be the circle for you I say she went with a friend and a great factor in the center of the circle from may be up to twenty minute call for now if I could say you called ready hi without actually looking at Joe walk because hi I'm does he is this a step away you know in the circle shaping stopped for not cost a few seconds or a few minutes Bob for twenty four hours that's right no shapeless say many times that second I need that stuff out but that's almost like a seizure Jeez well I mean she was she felt so well but all the same he had gone on the offensive windy the physical sense of relief taking off back to London I'm one of them said mom you know just moments when you want to do because you know you have this extraordinary relief unfortunate is aching came back off to twenty four hours but that was significant enough I need to take notice of it I think now this is an area that we need to search well I heard several Guinea pig safely yeah who come in and they're very happy to be tested and call Gary has come on the scene who's gone on a loss of very well as extraordinarily depressed such two years ago we we did we were testing the phone had big on a movement nice very interesting because Parkinson's office I have a very quick movement and sort of Jackie movement where should follow and of of say if you dangle a pendulum in front of your eyes and you move along with it as a pendulum moves you can see that there's a very jacking chop movement wares we want Dan how often because it's it's a very smooth well we went into this one I was telling you applied losses downhill and the farmer had actually coffee does because he hates if you didn't want people very interested in their own way I I sympathize with you know business people those are sample wife who the crop without working out which clan line to get it done we could take in faith in faith and farmers coop fluent in people dead man I fifty five at land and it's the farmer's livelihoods gone very very great accomplishment back them up like mad anyhow when it was harvested out hi I got in touch with him and said could be possibly used this far off on it yes and he agreed the pro football all my accepting that a good team has we could do the test was mind in the sense that once the energy strike it in the ground is not necessarily in the fandom call so we'd already tried decide with another circle copy of yet when we were doing although very valuable testing tremor and another on the other hand we went in cause application online it was fascinating because we we do the control test in in in a building and a free which is the eighth the complex wonderful place when we go into a circle and we come out of the circle and we do the second control okay so in fact what you've done three identical test and then we we can record and content I'm the Parkinson's out for us off to she had been into the circle I was so smooth only because the size to be wonderful she had Parkinson's it'll that's remarkable absolutely perfectly normal now the frustrating part of bite if yours is a I would love to be able to repeat that test they say a week late but the sound is Unidad busy people other people who lost their lives my other Kelly takes a thought that allies believe and in addition to that we now have another complication because the energy in the south when it fell is pain to have changed doesn't doesn't lane down does it get smaller the energy star on the walk the phone is that the more people go in they seem to soak up the energy ha ha okay like walking pace so it's not like it's an ongoing energetic thing it it's kind of can just wear down this is great that is if the dependent on the number of people who go in the more people who go in the more it's decreases that's amazing yes in strange there's a great fear of you can see there's a great deal of frustration and then there's this with us or so I've been very involved with the war crimes now given out because the loft lab what if they could bury bottles with Bob Hope hi and that is also fine of war stuff are they always use false report that this was one of my fiance said unite you wanted to test a constant Walker and and it's called a port of exit out and got about four or the way I can start digging in the pharmacy is an older severity hall right off the water just imagine the whole I'd have to dig so I had to give up work but we this phone that we've had many fascinating without we'd send them today tested line on a song called from inside and then you can close on my side we've had extraordinary about north another test I did laundry and on court they haven't been able to process the lab when are the are the vaccine was taking his seeds from inside a crop circle a particular clock so many many strange things happen and then he'd come close on clothes from on site.

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