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Six fifty three 48 investigation into a deadly shooting early this month at a suburban cincinnati parties it a strange turn verse police were told it was a party to reveal the sex of the baby now police say the woman who was the focus of the party was not even pregnant the cincinnati enquirer reports that chief mark danny says police we don't have an explanation only speculation about why the woman claimed to be pregnant she had told local media she lost the unborn child after she was wounded eight people including three children were hurt in the july eight shooting a 22yearold indiana woman was killed police have identified the suspects or a motive i'm shelly after the military cordon jordan has convicted a jordanian soldier of shooting to death three us military trainers airbase in the country the defendant was sentenced to life in prison hard labour he had pleaded not guilty saying he opened fire because he feared the base was coming under attack this is town all dot com eight tesla driver who had said his car crash this weekend with the autopilot engaged has now changed his story initially story coming out of the county sheriff's office was that he was writing a tougher and tougher with an autopilot mode gentleman has he thought a news report on out he recap can't that the story actually i pressed the accelerator the autopilot with them turned off so it with me crossing the accelerator that lead to a car veering off the road horse about over the durban says if the auto publicist matt failed i would have been damaging to tesla important for catholic because this has been on the road one of it more than a year it kind of casting fade in people's mind it's really one of the most advance self driving system on the road the car maintained at feed slowed down it will even float with stopped in upper trumper traffic it changes lane by itself.

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