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Hour now, time for check of sport from around the world here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Doug. Sources report that Barcelona has now made a third offer to buy a Munich for striker Robert Lewandowski worth over €40 million, but the Bundesliga giants have yet to respond. The 33 year old has said his time that firing is over despite having one of your manias contract with buying repeatedly saying the Poland international is not for sale. More second round matches at Wimbledon is two seed Rafa Nadal advances to the third round in four sets fourth seats stephanos moves on a straight set as 11 seated American Taylor Harry Fritz. Two upsets do a curse 12 C Diego Schwartzman loses in 5 sets while 13 C Dennis Shapovalov falls in four sets. In the women's draw another big upset goes down at 6 80 Kylian plus gova loses in three sets. Notables advancing to round three include top C dig a strattec for cipal badosa, AC to Jessica bagula and 11 C did coco Goff. Reports out of New York State that Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has asked team owner Joe side directly to be traded. Sources report that net share manager Sean marks is working with Durant and his representatives to move the 12 time all star. Durant has the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat on his wish list of teams, the Brooklyn is expected to move the 33 year old to whichever team offers the best return package in a trade. The mercury news reports that both USC and UCLA are planning to leave the pack 12 and join the Big Ten starting as early as 2024. Both schools have yet to formally apply to join the Big Ten and have not let the pack 12 know yet what their intentions are. And the schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day. Markets, headlines and breaking news, 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. All right, we are perhaps looking at a mixture of the training day across the ages it's going to remind ourselves as to what happened on Wall Street, well we saw the S&P down 1.3%. Weakness also for both the S&P that was announced like that 1.3%. We got the S&P 500 and the Dow off by about 8 ten to 1% at the end of the day. Why well one can point to data, we saw a bit of these falls deeply after we consumer spending data, in fact, all of that, of course, again fueling the same stuff. Recession. But it means that the S&P 500 actually did suffer its cruelest first half since president Richard Nixon was in office. We are looking at a mixed and lowered for Asian equities. We've got the Hong Kong and Australian futures indicating some gains. Japan not so much again a down arrow story there for Tokyo. Got a dollar index of the moment, which is dropping back a little bit. In fact, it's down by four tenths of 1%. It's price action devoted more towards EMs rather than some of the majors. We got at the yen and 135 against 78% Euro $1 and four plus change of course and Sterling and $1 21. Now what we have also right now is really certainly a lot of people looking at what's happened over the course of the last 6 months and we saw ten year yields singing to 3% in the session there on Thursday. We have all set the same time looking at perhaps a decade and I have three and a half percent at one stage and that's a look at markets we do check them every 15 minutes. Do San Francisco now? Here is mister Edward Baxter. All right, thank you, Richard salami. China's president Xi Jinping declaring that Hong Kong has been reborn after 5 years of risks. He says the facts show that

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