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From from from England who believes that you just can't. They just won't bother you. So I was like they can't go back to can't change the law back, and then it was pointed out that didn't change the law they stopped at forcing the law. So if they want to change it back, it'd be a hard problem, but it's still illegal to street right? There just like. Got Bigger to worry about. Yeah. So they're not going to give it back. So what we say in terms of like now with that. It's this is. Look like the amount of power that's been seized by the government in the last or since March is unprecedented in America I, mean not to say like. There were you I mean we had slavery in this country at one point and we've had military drafts, and so they certainly have violated freedom of groups of people you know in a in a serious way but. TO HAVE AMERICANS WATCHING TV every day to listen to your governor to see if are allowed to go to the park allowed to go to the store allowed to see your friend I mean literally dictating every inch of what you are allowed to do is something that's never happened in modern American history I. Mean there's no there's nothing to compare the closest thing I can remember it for my life is really just like if it's snowing, stay up and watch until like we're off school tomorrow. Yes. Right something like that but was everything and this is This is adults being told what they're allowed to do and to insist that Americans have to give up. Everything I mean like that. It's like, no, you are. You are not allowed to go. To your wife's Sonogram, you're not allowed to go to your father's funeral. You're not allowed I mean like things that are like really profound will important in people's lives. Oh. Yeah. That's that's that's the doing zoom. Say Goodbyes people are really I mean obviously very extenuating circumstances shore well, yes I agree but I would say that one of the things that. Really, find to be like a troubling. Aspect all this is that even so even with Really like the Constitution's dead and nobody fucking follows the Constitution and There's always point to go guess who's everything right like nothing if the if we enforce the constitution probably about eighty to ninety percent of what the government does the about food. When I write have those people in the League should be in jail you. You'd like doing illegal stuff. Yeah. Graffiti For All the time I paint over ads. Deal I do draw what do you talk what do you? What do you mean big is what I care about yes it is a different law. But so right. But so there's that right and you could certainly make a strong argument that like the wars are unconstitutional that Obama's spying was unconstitutional and stuff, but they almost always at least try to use some rationale like they have some. Well, here's why using the con- Congress never declared the war in Iraq and they go. Yeah. But they did battle write a letter of authorization or or right they'll say things like they'll be like. Well, this was this wasn't a war. This was a military activity or so they but with this which was. Just. Clearly. Constitutional I mean you don't have to be a constitutional scholar to be like well, obviously, the government can't do this I mean literally read the First Amendment and then tell me how the government has a right to close down a church like the you clearly don't have and they didn't even attempt to justify it like it wasn't even like they were just like well, whatever were scared and we want to stop this virus and the you know there was one as governor Murphy, the Governor of New Jersey he was on Tucker Carlson show. One of the only times the height of all this believe it was April might have been in May it was, but it was at the height of lockdowns and it was like one of the only times you know you see the governor's on TV all the time it was one of the only time someone gave him like a a tough interview and he said to him basically this like what I just brought up he goes will wear do you like get the authority to tell someone that they can't go to church because there was an instance of like some people have been arrested for going to Church That he goes. Well, how can you arrest someone? I, mean, look here's the first amendment. How can you arrest someone for practicing their religion? This clearly violates the bill of rights and Governor Murphy's response was we weren't thinking about the bill of rights when we did this, that's above my pay grade I'm listening to the doctors and okay. Even if you completely believe that this was the right thing to do for the virus like even if that's your argument, which is debatable but if that's what you believe. Okay. But don't you still. Like like follow protocols virus, right that was going to kill a hundred million Americans. And the only way to stop it was to institute martial law. Example. Wouldn't you? Still even if you think it's the right thing to do in the circumstance be like, yeah that's a real danger. That's a real danger that we just gave the government the authority to say at, you know what? Screw the bill of rights because I say, this is this is worse lake the I'm just saying. This because I try to do this every year on the state of the Union obviously like I I always say like at the beginning on radical fucking libertarian. That's my perspective on these things and I say half to kind of give you where I'm coming from. But also to just be honest about my bias like I certainly have a bias and all of this but I think that is some fucking really I would say it's a bit so you. Explain it to be well, once where like if I'm not infringing on your rights that I can do pretty much whatever I want you know, and so then some some like inbetween rules are, can I throw a party in my apartment like yeah sure. That's fine. But some upstairs. So you are kind of infringing on on on their ability to whatever you know. This Is, not just like. It feels less like you gotta wear seatbelts and more like you can't drive drunk right so right so there are gray areas where you might say like, okay, it's debatable whether or not you're infringing on someone else's right. So like if you fucking have Cova Ed and you're like, well, I'm just going out to Vulcan party you know like. Or unknowingly is that infringing on their rights like okay there's there's some debate there. But truthfully, if you if you were to follow that too, it's ultimately logical conclusion than any danger. Well, I mean, the flu kills folk and people get so so does that justify now taking away all freedoms from people every flu season and don't I know you're not allowed to compare covid to the fucking flu or? Like a trigger for people, I'm just saying like as a logical. Extreme examples to say like okay. So we're so obviously there's gotta be some reasonable line drawn and like Kobe is bad. It's a fucking really nasty virus. We're it's probably three times worse than the flu you know what I mean, but it's like. It's still like to say, okay, we can shut all of this down over the virus is a dangerous game and. I think I think some of it seeking it's not really clear. What was clear from what happened from March on that this was a fucking novel virus that really nobody was an expert in and we're trying to figure out they were trying to figure it out and they made horrible mistakes and we'll all world. The whole world was doing it. Oh, you're seeing bodies pile up in Italy and you're hold on we got to do something because we take forever in bureaucracy there's a good chance of going to be right where they're at but one of the things that was really creepy to me going back to mark learning more later something else in the moment we like what are we going to do here? Sure an honest mistakes are made. And lots were. But it one of the things that was really creepy in March was how quickly it all happened like how quickly Americans in crazy would give up this this whole thing and just go ok well, we're scared you told us to be scared let's fucking do whatever you tell us to do and I guess to be fair to Americans they were they were also lied into this like they kind of got conned into this whole thing what what we were all told was need fifteen days to flatten the curve. So the argument that started this really reminds me of the really was it was a different thing early on like flat in the curb so that the hospitals won't get. It. So if you get to a car accident, we have a bed for you. Right? That was the whole justification. It. Wasn't it was this was just to me. It reminded me so much of the war in Iraq where they went the guy's got fucking nuclear weapons and he's working with al Qaeda. So do you WanNa? Do you got a guy who's got weapons of mass destruction? He can hand them off to al Qaeda, and then instead of nine eleven we're looking at a fucking nuke over here and no one really asked a lot of follow up questions because that was so absurd and like any everyone who knew this was bullshit but like we were so scared of that that it was like, okay. Well, we'll give you a blank check to go to war well. Shortly after that, it was like this is about building a democracy for Iraq but.

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