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24 million in federal funds to support covid 19 response in high risk communities. The board also authorized the acceptance of 4.5 million in funding from the state to expand the community Health worker model to try to work with local community groups to provide those vaccines, communications and outreach. Dr Wilma Wooten says. We're seeing about double the number of cases that were being reported a month ago, she said. That's led to a 46% increase in hospitalizations and 10% uptake, an intensive correction it admissions just in the past few weeks alone. After more than a year of outdoor dining in San Diego, The fire marshal is laying down the lawn. Some of those setups. Some of the park lets the temporary outdoor structures, which brought diners outdoors during the height of the pandemic are not up to code. San Diego Fire Marshall Doug Perry tells NBC San Diego. This isn't anything new. There were always problems with the park. Let's but we had to work as a team to try to help keep the economy good for for San Diego. And allow businesses to function. Many of the temporary structures included modifications, which were not approved, such as propane heaters under tents, improper wiring and blocking red curbs. Some restaurant owners are concerned about the delayed enforcement and don't want to have to remove the roofs or other amenities, they added to the park lits, Eddie McLovin Kogo News. New state budget is given the San Diego City attorney's office a million dollars to train law enforcement on red flag, gun laws, red flag laws or gun violence. Restraining orders. Allow law enforcement to take guns away from people who present a threat during the pandemic. We did be a lot of made her crisis intervention. They threatened suicide here in San Diego went up and I was more happy than ever that we had an established program where we could help people in a moment of crisis because ultimately we want to prevent people from harm. Arming themselves or hurting others. Over the last four years, the city of San Diego is taking 1000 guns away for more than 500 people. And San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliot's receiving a million dollars in the new state budget to train other agencies in California on the use of red flag laws the next three years. Jack Ryan Coogler News San Diego police holding a community boxing event next month to try to bring young people together with police officers. The whole goal of the program is to bring law enforcement in our youth together to really build those relationships and Bring us together, Do a little exercise in and make certain everybody understands that we're also um and that we all have similar goals and that we enjoy sport. We enjoy food. We enjoy everything gathered. San Diego police chief David is like calls it a humanizing event. The boxing session is going to be held Saturday, August 7th from 10 to 3 at the police training center in Murphy Canyon. Political scholar, says he doesn't think Governor Newsom will suffer much since a judge rejected his request to add Democrat next to his name on the recall ballot. I don't think it's a huge deal. It's a pretty small sliver of the electorate who is going to be walking into this low turnout election and not know that Governor Newsom is a Democrat doctor Isaac Hale, we UC Santa Barbara. Sacramento Superior Court judge ruled the law is clear. The secretary of state cannot be forced to add the governor's party affiliation to the recall ballot since it wasn't there in the first place. P p i c poll shows 57% support Gavin Newsom in the recall. Texas Democrats continue to refuse to go back to the state capital for a special session of Congress, Lauren Blanchard reports a showdown between Texas Democrats, State Democrats and Republicans, a group of more than 50 state lawmakers fled. Texas to D. C to avoid voting on an election reform bill in Austin. The Texas State Senate passed their bill. It now goes to the house, but they can't hold a vote. The House Democrats are in D. C. The State House sergeant at Arms has been ordered to track down and arrest absent lawmakers, although there's little they can do While lawmakers are outside state lines. Democratic lawmakers here in D C are praising the stall tactics. The Texas representatives Say they will remain outside state lines as long as they need in order to kill the bill, which they call voter suppression. Texas Republicans argue the new voting laws will help strengthen state elections and make sure they are secure..

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