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Pride plaza outside of Ford field we continue to carry it down to kick off the farm our by your metro Detroit the deal of the market do you when you come back the market the food at all you got to be a mass of bodies about what we what do we do today we made some Palmero burgers we need to take off while we made some waffles made out of potatoes hash Browns a crowd here this morning even alliance been getting pretty beat up the defense showed up ever did what he did last week but then we got a minute it will take I think we'll take the giant today are you are you guys are making great because you have to make the move rolled out a lot of money going away I also I also we three are always already back in the game back in the game a massive bombing and now back to see you Cordy outside board came around thank you so much my friend yes we are outside bride plaza when blown matter of fact wind blown yes well the good news is the rain has stopped for a second anyway all lines nation getting set for this tale interesting little our side note here you got a golden Tate coming back to you for field we spent five glorious years him in Harrison going against his former team if he's able to go again again let's see if what yeah that's exactly it let let's hope that he's out there no doubt about that but yeah you know I mean Stephen is a set of different circumstances let let's be honest Damon was in essence let go where is golden Tate I think everybody knew that he might move on but still a lot of that emotion in there today all right plenty to discuss what our front Tory Petrie from Detroit Lions dot com we'll have that conversation coming up for you right here this is a life threatening Angela Bassett a working.

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