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We'll deliver, you know, in won't the proper live. Live. Cook. It will bring the strive to a life with. I will leave if you have these fucking cookies. I don't. I do have a red air. There you go. Okay. Well, this. Whatever it is that you know gets you through a night where you might just be in your feelings and you just wanna get through your watch lists. Yeah. Do that for you in those moments and get ya s up the next fucking day. Get back to work. It happens. Don't let those feel like it's just so normal. Like who is listening to this who has never had them where they're just like, I don't think I could do this or maybe not good enough for that doesn't work. It could be relationships. It could be like the jam anything could be any the motherfucker blackest thing. But if you recognize that as like a typical normal part of who we are, human beings like striving for something and you can learn when it had to shake it off and get your mother fucking black ass up and get back to what the fuck it is that you were doing before. I think that it can do a lot in terms of like subduing those. Dark moments that you have mentally and really sort of rebuilding like confidence that you have yourself because at the end of the day, all the shit sort of doesn't work out the way that you expected it to or wanted to. At least you could say that you did issue. You probably learned a lot of shape that you can apply to your next venture that you wouldn't have learned. If you quit. You may have met some incredible people on the along the way that will be beneficial in the future. Who will be there to listen to. You will be there for you to lean on who keep you a job or another opportunity somehow, like you just got to be like. Nitrile the shed and possibly fail, and then keep trying or try something new or Akkad I, you know. You know, the worst possible thing that could happen to me is that I drop dead and that's it. And I didn't get to do what I didn't get to try or not try. So if it's not like if you're not wrestling alligators and sharks for a living than my, what is mine? Yeah, you're not hurting yourself or hurting anyone else. Keep a truck and maybe you gotta, Wade, low while maybe your you know your Bank statements aren't lining up for you to be as extravagant or as polish as you want to be in those moments. Maybe you'll shit gotta be Lou Christie, I bitch, but it's better for that shit to be crossing some lotion along the motherfucking way then to not exist the motherfucking. Oh sure. You can't put lotion known if you don't have no skin, and you know some be gone out and meet somebody who could use a little lotion on their caps and you take them home anyway. Cocoa butter it and you out and. Cocoa butter at a take them strays into your home, little win, real nice little way. I've been between your index finger. Just snow valley. Kind of thing. You still love them any the fuck way. Leaping they is and everything else, and you'll lotion on them the Fokker and love on it like that. You can't. You can't win without playing the game, those what plan to game. But you have to get actually own the field out the stains in order to even know which one you gonna be. When I when I tell you has been my of me being like backed up from item. I don't know what the fuck. Doing someone help get me off of the grounds, how. My endless torment of like, why am I doing this? I'm so lost and confused over many things. Not one particular thing. So when I realized that I have felt that way before about things that turned out well, and I realized that people who are way ahead of me are still experiencing it, and I realized that so many people around me are experiencing. I'm like, oh, this is the human thing. It is absolutely is on a lot of us having Zayed and we fear that everything is going to be absolutely terrible. And then we actually do. And it's like, oh, I made that a lot worse than what it was. Yes, yeah, I'm super bad about that..

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