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Driven by continental tire from the. At five g virtual studios andrew levy with my partners in soccer. Charlie davies chuck. Do and the hamptons own david. Goss vacation lean back have added. He's at the beach. Everybody life right now. These are the words. I live by. I'm basically tommy bahama right now. That is the most packed. Show 'cause we have a wednesday night. Tuesday night even daryl can't orlando city laid it on the earthquakes and then entire weekend of action plus a conversation with robbie rogers and colin martin. A big news this week in sports in society in the world carlin seed coming out the fifth out an active male professional athlete team sports in north. America's major leagues. He's the fifth. We had this conversation last week. We talked all about why it is that more have not come out well. Robbing colin helped us understand that charleena but also we saw this big news coming. So congratulations a car on the seib. You wanna stick around for this conversation. Part of our soccer for all speakers series with him works. It's really great. But i that he's of artwork that said beach on it and how to umbrella and a beach chair is conic. That's what every beach house needs day. Share tell me about your week what are you doing. What's it like. My girlfriend's family is visiting me in new york for the beach. And i'm going to mls next right after they got a ton of soccer coming up for anyone who wants to cute in on on hold on the next great young players. They're visiting you. Your girlfriend's family is visiting you my family. Your your family's yeah. It's a whole new experience for me and i'm enjoying it quite a lot. Any advice for dave hit us in the mail bag All so much vegas. It's great here. I love everyone i couldn't. I wish we did this every summer. Unders reminder the day between the midweek action and preview in the weekend. We may not get to talk much about your team looking at you. Sorry i'm not sorry yes it also means. We hit your team specifically no. That doesn't mean that. Let's get right into it. Big midweek winners. My funds own the narrative funds zone. Tuesday night orlando five. Nothing me that we've seen this face before we've seen his body language before on the sideline this has happened before but it was daryl's i start. He got two goals benji. Michelle looked great orlando looked great jumped on poppies conference call this week. He's still trying to tamp it all down there like we're all right it's okay. Miami's is a good team. By the way they played or miami on friday at eight pm eastern on f s one. Charlie daryl decay the hype train role riding on it because we collect benji. Michelle has his hat so that he can ride on it exactly for the full cowboy hat and his goal celebration which was class. This is this is awesome. And this is what i think we should be doing. And what darrow is clearly doing just living in the moment and making the absolute most out of it. I didn't think we'd see him in. Mls again. i honestly didn't think that this is a treat you know. I honestly thought we'd see him back. Mls because of that price tag right. He he's scoring he's producing. It was in the championship bars would be able to afford him and also i think from his standpoint..

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