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Number forty four to respect and I twenty I'm Mike chills ninety five point five W. US be you're probably would not be surprised how many people use free public wifi words offered very convenient but there's a huge downside in maths the cyber hacker it's no doubt somewhere lurking seeing F. for fun or profit he can find a way into your machine I mean y'all you almost half the count on that happening I mean it's it's too rich environment you're hacker you have some skill you go to a place where a lot of people are accessing free wifi they're sitting ducks and if your hacker just use you see what you can do see one now where you can plant what kind of daily you can get you may hit paydirt with somebody you never now do you need to avoid this you need to be able to where to find a way to go on public wifi because you're in a lot of places where it's offered you need to be able to use it with security and now you can there is a way to ensure that your online activities are private and shielded for all intents and purposes invisible and thus anonymous it's called VPN virtual private network a virtual private network in crypts your connection every thing from your devices your I. S. P. is encrypted but more than that it's invisible it's a single connection nobody shares it you're the only one on it and nobody can see it not the hacker who is working on a private jet why our public wifi network area it really is it's it's the best way they have total invisibility total security Norton makes the best VPN Norton secure VPN it encrypts your message in a way that nobody online can see it it's.

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