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My point on this would be let them fight guys you want him to fight it out right like google punch amazon in the nose let amazon punch gogel in the nose let cox in google fight it out if they don't if we if we don't let them fight it out we're not going to get a better thing when he went chime in our joy do you have a amazon fire tv or any nowadays tiba okay so i have the amazon fire tv yeah which has the youtube app not until next month a dozen it wa it forever what's happened is you there's always been the youtube app ray bought i cannot watch my purchase content go through the amazon fire tv so they're blocking that have already been blocking that forever cash that sound so oh i don't know maybe we should have a hardware neutrality right so heavily blumenthal hasn't chimed in and said all boxes are created equal and must be allowed to share content no blocking allowed no of course you can block in right so if yeah you've purchase something from the google play store yeah would you use youtube to watch movies you can do and can't but i can use the week that we you will watch my purchased youtube content look at that choices suddenly hands over like we don't care whatever right same thing with deavere right now manuel now we'll see the whole thing about this is really is really choice right it's consumers and choice annual deal with the issues as they fall out but um you know the irony the great irony of all this that i just love so much is the big content provider gogel those that you are in the net neutrality camp wanna make sure you preserve your access to your little youtube channel right its own by gogel you're out there fighting for net neutrality to make sure you're youtube two channels not throttled but gugel will rip it off your amazon device you can't have it both ways google surely again an okinawa well it is deliciously ironic upper up there for you could take a look at all by the way the washington post is owned by google now.

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