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I took the joke out and I was better for you. Know and that's what it's like you you learn how to how to play an audience like it's an orchestra you. WanNa have to me. The perfect audience is male female black white every kind of there's no. There's every kind of personality. Keep you honest so you're not doing gay jokes because the K- eight group over here are female jokes the worst kind of audiences when you do like an all male business conference and it's all just guys and huts huts the worst because I tell my act to appeal to just a little bit of everybody you know. I'm a very happily married guy talk about that so that now I get a certain warmth of feel from this part of the crowd and he just learned it is it is like an officer you look out and you see this vast and you try to get a certain kind of laugh a certain certain feeling going and people walk away from the show and they like you because there are a lot of comedians that people think are real funny but they don't like the person they just think that guy's got some funny jokes may seems like a mean guy won and that's fine. That's your persona but that's not mine. You know the idea is if you if they like you you have a job. That's not that funny. They'll roll with you. They'll turn it over to you. Get to the next show. If that makes any sense you did twelve minutes to fourteen. Fourteen minutes of monologue jokes the whole time you were hosting the show. That's a quick Jillian jokes well. The thing you realize is there are only eighteen guests in the whole world mean anything anybody else's just filler reality star people or whatever and I always tell people whenever they i. I know some people have had daytime. Talk shows that failed the smartest one was Allen. Allen is a comic she comes out and she has something to say the there's value are you in her words because people now we watch this we will laugh and inevitably they are right. You know that's what it is. You've got you've got to entertain them. No I WANNA stare to see you there there to see the product that you manufacturer we'll wrap up with Jay. Leno when we come back from a quick break it's Bullseye for maximum fun dot org and NPR. This message comes from NPR sponsor smartwater. Smart Water is for the curious drinkers the ones who are always looking for ways to make things a little bit better. That's why smartwater created two new ways to hydrate smart water alkaline with nine plus h aunt smartwater smartwater antioxidant selenium and now you can order smart water by saying Alexa Order smartwater smart water. That's pretty smart. The world is complicated but knowing the pass can help us understand. It's so much better. That's where we come in. I'm Rhonda that Fateh unremitting at Blue. We and we're the host of through line. NPR's history podcast every week we'll dig into forgotten stories from the moments that shaped our world through line from NPR. Listen listen and subscribe now. There's nothing quite like sailing in international waters on my ship the SS biopic It's actually pronounced bio pic no yet dangerous. It's who says it's by okay. Oh pack because the words picture all right that is enough. I'm Dave Holmes. I'm the host of the newly rebooted podcast cast formerly known as international waters designed to resolve petty but persistent arguments like this how by pitting two teams of opinionated comedians against this teach other with Trivia and Improv Games of course winner takes home the right to be rights. What podcast be this troubled waters where we disagree. Disagree is Bulls Eye Jesse Thorn. I'm here with Jay. Leno he is of course he's Jay Leno. He posted the tonight show for decades. He wears denim shirts with blue jeans. He likes cars. He's hosting a show on CNBC. These days called Jay Leno's garage. It is a lot have fun. Let's get back into the interview when you're I run as the host of the tonight show and Ed you ended up hosting a ten o'clock show before the tonight show hosted by Conan O'Brien and by then I think you had made some like professional changes in your life in an attempt to avoid like I mean that you had like are you you didn't you weren't you didn't have an agent manager in age of twenty thirty five years okay and that was all gone by ninety two okay and I think part of your goal there was to avoid the kind of acrimony from and pain that had happened previously in your career well fire it was to avoid somebody's speaking for me right to me. I don't really care about the money. What are you GonNa do to settle this. WHAT DOES PROBLEM I. I'm one of those people. I don't like to go onstage unless every problem is solved problem solve. I have a clear conscience. I have a clear head. You know I believe in Karma. I believe what you give out. You get back every time. I've done something thing wrong or something against my nature. It's always come back at me tenfold in a horrible way and I always try to avoid that so it's like yeah. What are we GONNA DO I. I know even if I'm not at fault look. I apologize inside this happened. Can we move forward okay. Thank you very much to shake hands and everything has dropped for. Oh that's just my way. That's just an easier way. 'cause it's hard to do comedy when something's on your mind if you feel you've really hurt somebody or somebody some pain. Hey you wanna get that settled when he get that cleared up before you before you take the stage. Did you anticipate the pain that came out of. Have you taken that ten o'clock. Show know what it was was they were going to give that show the they'd come to me once when I'm just sitting there one day and oh combines. Oh Okay we want you gone. I say but guys I'm stuck here for five years okay so you had in other. You had a for people who don't remember didn't know you had a deal to you had to basically a five year contract to finish to do the tonight. Show I think the idea coenen basically to keep CONAN around. They gave him a five year contract with the promise that at the end of the five years you will take the tonight show. That's what what it was. That's what it was yeah yeah but then at at the end of that you took you took a show at Tan well what it was was Connor was doing great at twelve thirty thirty then Craig Ferguson came on and then Craig Ferguson started to do well in some cases may have been got an early actual numbers but okay okay then that were came to me and they said you think you'll go to ABC or something. After this leaves I said well. I'M NOT GONNA lie to either talking to me. They want to move over there. I said how about a ten o'clock show. I said well it's ten o'clock. Show won't work. It's I think that'll work and they said well. I'll tell you what we'll pay your staff the next year and a half whatever it is guaranteed them everything and everybody in my staff. I had the same people for twenty three years. I I don't turn over writers. I don't turn over over produces. My thing is he's treat people right. You can make a good army out of anybody can make a soldier out anybody if you treat them properly my thing. I always got there at seven thirty hours the first one in the last one out and I have my office is dead in the middle of the the room it wasn't you know the executive producer had the room the bathroom and all that kind of stuff because I just sat down. I wrote jokes. When people saw okay then they appreciated the fact that I was putting the same amount of time as they were and anybody buddy anybody could stop the train when I did it? They could just pull the cord and go okay. What's the problem. Is You know my apple got stolen either figure I. Let's take care of the Apple. Okay Stop the tonight show. Show you know you have some fun with it. I can't.

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