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The images the sound of collisions and i played with when i was in cleveland in atlanta to atlanta i played with scott case jeff donaldson jessie tuggle chart case and jeff donaldson at safeties. Not pound for pound to tough guy. Roux guys who ever played in the nfl. I saw scott case leave his feet hit people and sound that you hear it was like a bomb went off. I played with eric. Turner in cleveland. There turner was feasibly in that category of the you know the late great john. Rogers kenny easily. Ronnie lott dennis smith those types of guys who were just vicious vicious hitters vici- and when i played for the raiders at the last year my career i mean those were when i went out there every time i was trying to hit people like george atkinson hit people like you know. Love them or not. I mean jack. Tatum was probably the biggest hitter of all time. And you're right when you're doing it. It's not that you don't you don't really know just how vicious it sounds when you see your teammates do it. Or if you're on the sideline you see another defendant do it. You realize this is not for the timid man who it's not timid at all I'll leave you with this. The number of teams that you honestly think can go to the super bowl in the afc and the nfc. Let's start with the afc. Truly believe they could play. They can represent their conference in the super bowl. Yeah well you know. Kansas city chen and they probably will buffalo right now. Buffalo's on a mission. And i think they are going to be. They're going to give kansas city. All they want. In a match type scenario we know. Kansas city ran ran over. I'm pretty hard earlier in the season. I think those those two of afc are probably the ones who legitimately legitimately say in all different types of environments scenario those those two teams can travel and they can play. They can play you. However i think. The colts are sneaking. Because chris ballard or starting to give them that kind of you know the kind of golden them in that kind of image. Are you sold on philip rivers. No and i think. I think in the end when you assess them. I mean i'm sold on. Philip rivers as a as a called core. He's done great things in his career. I just don't know if he has enough gas in the tank to deal with a team like buffalo josh allen lake kansas city impact. Patrick mahomes those guys are special. Those guys can make the difference. I can't be the difference anymore. And i think that's the difference. Nfc how many teams legitimately.

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