President Trump, ANC, Johannesburg discussed on Global News Podcast


I have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect even though i disagree with the decision of my of the leadership of my organization i have always been a disciplined member of the anc for more i spoke to our correspondent in johannesburg andrew harding he's gone least he said with immediate effect the may be some paperwork involved but that said it is over on the had i think even during the course of his speech being some question marks he spoke about the primacy of the constitution rather than the party and said he had no fear of a vote of noconfidence or impeachment but in the end he did about the wishes of this parliament even liz you heard there he he said he didn't understand what he done wrong and he didn't understand why they were recalling him early so defiant to the end but ultimately during his he was told ya as you say full of criticism in the way he was he he feels he was treated his speech went on on on on on it was only right at the very end where he said he was going but clearly abbott for a very bitter man yes very angry very bitter you could see there blaming the nc leadership that had come to him he thought he cut a deal with them to hold on for another three or four months for a transition period which many people here are sceptical about um but he's also tricky for the nc i mean as as angry as president zumur is the anc is now trying to whitewash this whole thing because of course the anc has protected zuma for years they know he's been on popular they know he's been found guilty of violating the constitution as has the anc in fact for for protecting him that's what the constitutional court found so now they're this will composition they're trying to to to get rid of him they pushed him out the door against his will but now they're full of praise.

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