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You don't WanNa go back to work however. There are other people who make more and had had pretty good jobs. Before, they were put on unemployment and they were making a lot more than twelve bucks an hour they were they were making maybe twenty twenty-five what you? Whatever for them six hundred dollars doesn't make up for their paycheck that week and if they've got the average rent to pay in northern Colorado especially if you live over near Fort Collins Gosh, couple thousand bucks a month for rent for your family. And all of a sudden. Each week. Extra. Is really important, but it's it doesn't solve your problems. But as you compare the different scales, six hundred was too much for some people. But. Now, they're talking about the Republicans WanNa, tie it to seventy percent of your income. It can't be more than that before you were laid off and so on. then. The Democrats they're concerned because they think that this whole thing is going to be in a situation where. The the Republicans they think are going to be in a bad light especially donald trump in a bad light. So they don't want to go along with anything and they want money for all kinds of stuff. One that the president is in an some Republicans are concerned about is the money for the post office that will pay mail in voting in election in. November. We in Colorado were used to that because as I said earlier, we've had mail in voting for a while. I talked to the folks in the Lamoure County Clerk's office not too long ago after the primary to see what kind of a problem they might have had. Well, you sign it and they have your signature on file and they have people that check now they don't check every ballot you can't. But what you do is you take a sample you canvas. We've always done that with voting you'll notice in every county there's a canvas board after an election and they kind of canvas the vote they just kind of spot check in different places to see that that vote was cast by that person accurately. And when they do that that is significant in a statistical sense to give an idea of overall what happened if they start to have a lot of problems in that canvas, then they'll say, Whoa, there was a problem here in the voting same way with checking signatures on mail in ballot. We do have problems. Sometimes, those ballots are sent out to people who aren't still registered to vote. that that's an issue. But on the other hand, somebody has to forge it with their signature, which is not likely. They'll be able to do that, and in Larimer, county they found that people forgot to sign their name that automatically is thrown out in the primary. It was a little more difficult because you also, if you run affiliated voter had to ballots Republican and Democrat, you could only vote one. But several people sent in both and those had to be eliminated. But on the other hand, their overall problem out of the tens of thousands of voters was just a few hundred. It wasn't significant statistically to prove that there was any kind of a problem but on the. As. I look at voting across the country. There are places that have never done mail in voting and they're going to screw it up because they haven't even asked Colorado, how did you do this? How's it working out for you? Well. And meantime the senators and the members of our house have gone on vacation. They'll be back after Labor Day after they've had their holiday in their time off and I'm not particularly happy with that. I wish they were still there trying to hammer it out somehow there have to be a solution. Well, I'll be able to.

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