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News agency quoted an unidentified central bank official as saying the move doesn't indicate a large scale government stimulus program ruling out the possibility of a flood like flow of fresh money the death of former NBA commissioner David stern has current players talking about his impact on the sport Lakers forward lebron James says start is up there is one of the most important people in pro basketball history the better part of those we lost great visionary I thank him and Dr James Naismith first to a most porn people for a game of basketball I was the doctor Naismith because he created to the game and then David his vision his vision to make this game global star took over the league in nineteen eighty four bringing big change that included drug testing the salary cap and a dress code wizards guard Bradley Beal says he admired stern's vision for the league grown up as a bass will player you know your biggest dream is shaking the commissioners hands and you know he's somebody who not only helped change the game in the fall of it you know not just in the stays put in or around the world globally you know he's corporate that she the the WNBA you know he's been a true pioneer to basketball underscores leadership the NBA became a five billion dollar a year industry while putting it up there with soccer is one of the world's most popular sport the trailblazers forward Carmelo Anthony says storm probably doesn't get the credit is due our game is so global you know right now and people all over the world is watching the NBA basketball that people all over the world.

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