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The monaco quality of life conference returns and this year with touching down in syria joined monaco's editors and a lineup of tax sharp panelists for lively debate informed conversation and topnotch hospitality whether you're an architect city maker retailer media mogul or chef pick up a ticket and be part of the debate on upping quality of life across the board why not join us from the 28 to the thirtieth of june find out more about your ticket now i conference dot monocle dot com you are back with meduri house with me andrew miller still with me off florence prediman and carry walker now if there is a single citizen of the united kingdom unaware of this week's visit by saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman it will be due to any advertising underspend by the house of ciled newspapers website social media billboards and many other vertical surfaces have been plastered with cheerful images of the saudi air along with elevating summaries of his plans for reform although these on a cursory reading appear to stop short of lifting a dress code imposed on half the population on the threat of violence an carol first of all newspapers in particular should be taking saudi arabia's advertising business well let this is a commercial business isn't it and if the saudis are offering these papers and money they presumably feel that they are perfectly entitled to put out these adverts it is all rather creepy reminiscent of you visit the regime of some middle eastern dictator and of course that is ward a lot of people feel that muhammad bin salman is and that perhaps will has not yet pretty wilbur he merely he's here he's effectively the leader of his and he is the man who is driving the political change in the country the government here has come under a great deal of in for great deal of criticism for literally rolling out the red carpet for my hamad bin salman he gets lunch with the queenie gets to meet the prime minister and so on but i think what is interesting is that aside from the newspapers i think the government has clearly taken a strategic and an economic decision that it is important to build its alliance with saudi arabia.

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