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A moment ago it was lap number twenty four and obviously with the helicopter tragedy a tragedy that we all witnessed a paid close attention to losing Kobe and the rest of those folks on their lap twenty four Kobe's number for the Los Angeles Lakers all of the fans here on the property standing up and applauding as they work their way around the race track here on lap number twenty four it is lot number twenty six here come race cars off the track headed for pit road one of them is Martin Truex junior is going to work is all all the way down to towards the exit of pit road city post your hands but it is one four quickly right out in front of the self to watch the video takes you to the school a great run for them to put them in front of them soldiers it as well it's going to be for trainers so don't what's wrong with it all the crew members on here comes chase Elliott here comes Joey Machado and Clint Bowyer Joey Gallo they're gonna take you'll also it's pretty quiet on the radio the girl for tires it's a different room hi what about a pretty utility this is Christopher bell who walked up his left front leading into his pit stall Michael Wallace is seen as well all these cars taking four tires and fuel and a chassis adjustment for Christopher bell as pushers down the way Steve in a chassis adjustment that matter to think again the middle of the quarter was fourteen right reporter pretty damn good race cars what he was reported a couple it doesn't look good Brian because of the Benedetto is in was saying it's just a little bit later taking off it got better though as the run one on four tires and fuel Kevin Harvick simply describe his car superfluous four tires fuel and acidic significant chassis adjustment for that mobile one for made while we've got the race leader Alex Bowman who about put it in the grass trying to get that Chevrolet slowed down and now he's a part of the pope's thirty two as Alex Bowman getting service to get a service if you want to put ninety nine tough there for Alex Bowman.

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