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Call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands Alex Ross can use radio WFLA another beautiful day is in store for the Tampa Bay area after a chilly start temperatures this morning in the mid to upper forties but we're gonna top out near sixty seven we're gonna see a lot of sunshine again just like yesterday but then clouds will move in this evening ahead of our next week's storm system that moves in on Monday Monday morning you're fifty three Monday afternoon you're seventy with a twenty percent chance for a few scattered showers those rain chances go back down for Tuesday I'm newschannel eight meteorologist Amanda Holly is three running through the most of the week your direct line to the heroes that saved Canada that one time it's whether you like it or not the whole and peach mid fiasco continues to fold out and just for the record I hate this background of this backdrop that they have and did just looks way too grandiose.

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