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And to me, that guy is worth a late first round pick flyer. Now, it's funny. The antithesis of him in many ways is Kennedy Chandler, right? A guy that does not have elite physical tools, but has a lot of the skill level that evaluators hope for. He certainly has the role that evaluators would love to see him in at Tennessee where he does have the ball in his hands throughout most of the game. At least has the opportunity to have the ball in the same throughout most of the game. And again, I mean, the same issues that we brought up with Kennedy Chandler in the preseason. I think continue to cause me to give me pause, I guess. It's hard to be a 6 foot 165 pound guard in the NBA and we've seen some flashes of difficulty for Kennedy Chandler thus far adjusting to the size difference of players in college basketball. He's a blur. He's very fast to the ball in his hands. And he's quick most of the game. He got on the break. If he gets a step in transition, like he's beating you. I'm similar to you where he had that game statistically that the box, Colorado, and people said, see, here's the game. I actually felt worse about the game because I wasn't sold on that type of finishing working in college as a wood against the NBA. The rotating big and no disrespect to him at all was Evan batti, who's 6 8 two 60. You're not having that size of big rotating to help. It's 7 foot with the 7 7 wingspan. I will say he's a high percentage operator, pick and roll. He works of that well, and if guys go under, he's gonna shoot. I don't really believe in a shot. I think there's a lot of God hand. People pointed to other things. It's gonna work. It could get there. He worked on it all summer to improve. And then I'll give him credit for having stones too. Like the second half versus Colorado. Totally. It was a back and forth game. There's around the 8 minute mark. He calls his own number. He scores through contact. He's not afraid. He's not going to shy from the big moment. The other one I want to point out is he had really rough gaming in Texas tech, which was a very tough basket to watch, produce four for 13. He was one for 5 from three. He had 5 6 5 turnovers in the UNC Greensboro game. I watched their very physical with him and they picked him a full court. They made sure he didn't get any easy box. He was two for 9. The size and strength and that's gonna become the scout now when you get into conference play, how he adapts and works in that could be a little bit telling on what's gonna look like in the NBA as well..

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