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Whenever inflammation occurs in your body especially in your arteries the liver has to produce more cholesterol to repair the damage in the body as well as the arteries so if there's something happening in your body bad that's causing inflammation which most of the time is sugar or grains that cause inflammation of your arteries your liver then reacts by making more cholesterol so that the cholesterol goes to those arteries to heal them and to fix them right that's what cholesterol does cholesterol is there to heel you the problem is in our society we we eat so much sugar and grains and we do so many things that causes inflammation in our body like taking medications that there's so much cholesterol being released to heal you and so you go to the doctor you get your blood checked and it says oh you have high cholesterol take this cholesterol lowering drugs well that doesn't help anything because it lowers the cholesterol at your body's making to heal you see you can't get healed in order to get rid of it if you wanna lower your cholesterol you always want to do it naturally by eating less sugar and less grains taking less medication exercising doing all that stuff that was going to truly lower your cholesterol now the the problem with another problem with cholesterol medication besides for the fact that it interferes with the normal function and healing of your body which it absolutely does is if you take the medication it causes liver damage it causes neuropathy it causes severe joint pain and ligament rupture or can cost that doesn't happen in every and everybody it can cause muscle wasting atrophy of your muscles with just waste away cholesterol medication can cause heart failure because your heart is a muscle and some people react to cholesterol medication with their muscles waste away and get weak if that happens to you you can have a heart failure taking cholesterol medication limits your protection against cancer cholesterol is part of your immune system your immune system destroys cancer cells cholesterol helps protect you from cancer so if you take cholesterol lowering drugs it limits your protection from cancer cholesterol lowering drugs causes an increase.

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