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And if you're not on the same page with me in if you're not loyal to me i'm going to take you out any and you cited a number of people is taken out over 100 sixty senior military and party officials to include is is oncle owners have rather as you noted so this is a man who was brutal who knows what he wants to accomplish and we'll do anything to accomplish it so what kind of a deal i think there's going to be very difficult now jj the there's no question in two thousand and five there were no nuclear weapons in north korea there have even tested a nuclear weapon in two thousand seventeen the assessment as they can have between twenty and sixty nuclear weapons now they have an intercontinental ballistic missile capability at cetera it's much more difficult but jj let me made notice they need security assurances they want an end to this the korean war they need some assurances that regime change is not the goals and objectives of the united states and south korea this man wants to ensure as best they can that he has longevity in the position he has well you know i hate said even go down this road because you know really we don't even need to talk about this this piece of this situation and that is that ok p if you're trying to demonstrate that regime change shouldn't happen but you go out and you commit murder and you go out you commit all these atrocities and you're saying but by just just doing this to make sure you don't take me out.

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