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Well apparently we are the wrong audio cut our apologies today senator tom cotton was asked for his reaction to the mast shooting that happened sunday in sutherland springs texas in here's what he had to say about why the shooter what had included in the background check system it appears he ought to be um and just awful stories about some of the families who were slaughtered there um i join or canton and praying for the man for the baptist church there and tell it on springs if i may find some measure pay and assistant principal mcclellan high school surrendered to police monday afternoon in connection with a hidden ruin crash that nearly killed a little rock police officer foxo exchange victoria price has the story look lyle and assist in principle keith herds burger accused of running over a little rock police officer and another man early sunday morning police say lieutenant johnny gilbert was making an arrest around one o'clock on days debates when a car hit them sending both men to the hospital the hit and run happened less than a mile from herranz burgers home little rock school district says it hired hearns berger as assistant principal to summer he previously taught music and j a fair a district spokespersons says they're aware of the allegations but could make no further comment as for hearns burger his attorney released the following statement on his client's behalf sane his heart in prayers collapsed the injured and their families and i wish them a speedy recovery hearnsberger is facing two second seconddegree battery one count of leaving the scene of an injury accident plus a reckless driving charge today here's attorney john collins appeared on behalf of his client before little rogge district court judge hugh finkelstein gene who set hers burgers bail at fifteen thousand dollars his attorney pled not guilty on behalf of his client nephews in thirty minutes bob steel newsradio one or two point nine karn the domestic sapa let business.

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