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I'm available to be the start your next event contact me to arrange for a waiver keynote speech call toll free eight eight eight four four four route thirty eight eight four four four R. O. N. G. working to leverage at G. mail dot com Tom Hanks and his wife have come down with the corona virus while he was making an Elvis Presley movie in Australia the Oscar winning actor playing Presley's manager colonel Tom Parker in that new film which is currently in pre production Warner brothers saying Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have both tested positive for the illness Hanks says he thought they had both caught colds as they had body aches and slight fevers and chills and then they learn the truth they are self isolating still in Australia Asian Americans and one Los Angeles suburb are more worried about attacks over the corona virus outbreak and many of them are buying guns to protect themselves and their families as the owner of a gun shop in the San Gabriel Valley east of LA since he's been extremely busy in recent weeks things had ten times as many customers as usual on Sundays the area is home to a high concentration of Asian Americans and some say they're afraid they'd be targeted if there's a local outbreak of the infection that began in central China late last year and investigations under way into the death of Floyd Mayweather's ex girlfriend the body of Josie Harris was found inside her home in a gated community north of LA on Tuesday night the boxer and Harrison had three children together the undefeated boxing champ was convicted of domestic violence back in twenty ten and for USA radio news I'm Chris Barnes Greece's cheap airfare costs of fortune terrorists not much closer and again airfare what about Puerto Vallarta let's face it flying anywhere is just too expensive wait what's best low cost airline with one call to low cost airlines you'll drastically slash your travel costs we're talking insanely.

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