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That it would be very difficult to get the same amount to access whistle-stop toll of the dirty dozen subject. What caught at this well. Prime minister's you covered starting with howard mcmillan Of his extraordinary to to me. Remember in nineteen fifty nine. When i went up talks with the freshman's for it was the day after the nine fifty nine general election and there were all these young tories exulting in the fact that how mcmillan had won a majority of one hundred and there was the poor old labor party and they had their first meeting. That was happening that weekend which is called labor psychologically happier in opposition then a week later. Prime minister helmet mellon came up and told to the oxford union. And he did the. He's extrordinary thing where he talked about what it was like. Fighting the battle of the the first world war where off his whole class at baillio at the end of the war of twenty of them he was the only one who survived and the vote tears to my little. Did i know ten years time. I would be married to his granddaughter so i got two million quite well and talked to him about television and what it was like appearing on television. And he's he said for people of my. It's so difficult because you're used to going and making these big speeches and there's an audience and a crowd barracking dot com whereas when you're on television it's like playing tennis. No ever comes back to you. As how will wilson and he was someone who completely got the idea of spin imagery and people might think is new inventions. Our new labour. David cameron thing but his entire sort of folksy beach was basically a bit fake. Or is it a bit yeah. He smoked a pipe pond. Television goes away from the camera. I'm gerald kaufman. Who was his press secretary camera labor. Mp said that he had first met howard wilson in nineteen forty eight and he said our wasn't after that taught himself a sense of humor. He was the most boring speak. I had ever and wilson was very good with equips and the good good lines. How wilson sore himself. As britain's john cheryl kennedy jfk great loving for for president. Kennedy and wilson arranged for videos of kennedy's press conferences. Which were kennedy was a master of a political. Would at the press conference. I'm wilson studied these Press cops and was very good himself at behaving a bit. Like president kennedy. I have to say the most extraordinary story for me in the book is about our wilson if people think infighting number ten is bad these days the plots to get rid of marcy williams is one of the most extraordinary stories of all. They're not call the spin-doctors she. She knew more about image making than almost anyone. I never met and she understood exactly how to try. And get wilson at properly over on television when came back to power in nineteen seventy four two of his chief. Aides were rather jealous of marcy williams. Hold over harold wilson one day. Wilson's private doctor. Dr joe's stone said marcy is a very bad influence on wilson. He he's not as good as he should be because he's ruled by marcy williams. I get rid of her on her daughter. I could prescribe some pills. And then i can feel do the destitute so he was. It was wilson's private doctor trying to get wilson's two other top advisors to go along with it with a plot by the done in st joe haines. The press secretary was ridiculous the headlines the headlines well most extraordinaire reminded that bitter in-fighting number. Ted is not necessarily a new usa. What about. Jim callaghan places. Howard wilson in number ten dim. Kelly was was interesting characters as prime minister. I'd had a run in with him very early on in the early nineteen seventy s. Before he was prime minister. I wanted him to come on the program and he decided not to and he said that he would arrange his deputy to come on. He was up on secretary. And i said well. That's very kind of you to arrange that. But i need to be able to choose. Who just it's your right to to Declined to come on. And he sydney said this the cohort. I think you understand. I know some pretty important people in the bbc. And if you don't have my deputy then career. Pbc what go very far since kind of hand threatening and some years later. When i was making a film about callahan is asked him about his bullying and he said. But i never bully. Who's not my own equal. I sit hang on you. Prime minister was a political reporter producer. And he said yes but you went to university. didn't you. And he never forgot that he left school at sixteen and never went to university in always thought that there were people who had gone to university especially to oxford who look down on him and then i was the callahan gives white ted heath at reading art my senses of all the promises. He was the one who found trickiest to deal. Teddy world probably the most tricky prime minister. I had to do with this extraordinary way of trying to destabilise you before you even started the interview. I remember he once said to me. You got the usual list of boring questions afraid. So and at the end of it. I felt the interviewer gone rather better than than i expected. I said did you think it was boring as infinitely more irrelevant today. Yeah he just a very tricky tricky counter in contrast to barbara thatcher who my sentences. Your interactions with margaret thatcher. They bought it on flirting at times. Who mrs thatcher was an own mix often when you would go into number ten to do interview. Mr cockrel come to you and what. A lovely tie is quote intimidated to such as their since holding. You're already. She's a great deal less popular than.

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