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Maser at six, thirty five first pitch at seven ten. With. Ed former Darren Jackson on seven twenty WGN. Cubs beat the pirates one nothing they go up three games and a half now on the, brewers, in the NFL central brewers were off yesterday bears played Broncos and Denver Saturday preseason game three of five WGN traffic and Esmeralda. Leon right now we are seeing some delays, and this, is due to weather we're seeing quite a a weather system threat three fifty five hundred ninety four zero seeing some slow downs from pretty much Gulf road all the way down to about seventy ninth on to ninety four and on three fifty five years seen. It from north avenue. All the way down, to just a little bit. Past I fifty five centers keep that in mind be careful on the roads we're also, watching a crash on the westbound side of. I eighty eight at Washington street three right Lanes are blocked. On the expressways you are looking good. On the Edens right now it's fifteen in, both directions the Kennedy your seeing, delays nineteen to and from O'Hare on the, Eisenhower you're again seeing some slow downs. And. This is mainly on the inbound side twenty-seven. Right now from three fifty five to downtown in you're seeing those slowdowns right around Cicero on, the, Stevenson you're seeing the delay in this is from roadwork around willow springs road on the inbound keep that in mind and the. Dan Ryan fourteen minutes on both sides lake, shore drive, is clear Bishop Ford Fifty-seven are looking good now we did have a crash on the southbound side of I fifty seven earlier around Halstead that has now been cleared and four personalized traffic on demand get the Traffix Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts team. Hockberg just search t.. R. a. f. f., I x. Chicago Esmeralda Leon. WGN traffic central in the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center of that storm system, as melda Reported on extends from southern Wisconsin well past Springfield. Illinois and we're seeing. Some of those showers in and around the Chicago area otherwise fifty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout today highs in the mid eighties mostly sunny tomorrow, Saturday high of eighty six right now overcast in seventy seven at O'Hare seventy five at Chicago's lakefront I'm Vic Vaughn in the WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN Our.

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