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PJ souls during the production of jaws, three began a romantic relationship with Leah Thompson and he went through a divorce with PJ souls, and then He. He and Thompson became engaged although they were never married. They finally called. It quits in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty seven, but Simon mccorkell jail known for some people from the nineteen eighties as the guy who started mammal. He got the role of the shark. Hunter Fish Rice after David Warner and Peter Firth turned it down as for Roy Scheider. Why is he not in this film while he wasn't even asked actually stated. Stated in an interview sometime later that not even Memphis Sophocles could have gotten him to do another jaws film. He went so far as to take the job in blue thunder to make sure that he was not going to be available. At the time, they were scheduled to shoot jaws three. He didn't want any part of it. Any excuse was reached for now after Matheson brought in the brody boys to script Alves. Alves and hits egg. They felt that the revised script still needed some more work safely brought in my cane once again, not the actor, the screenwriter to spruce up the dialogue, and to give it more of a comedic edge, but that script still fell short. They wanted the characters to be relatable, and there's situations to be fun, so they hired once again coming in to save the day Carl Gottlieb. He wrote the final. Final scripts for both of the prior jaws films they wanted him to bring in Levity, and those character touches like the first two films had because at that time they had already cast the movie Gottlieb got to know the actors and their personalities, and what made them tick, so he was able to use that knowledge to work character touches into the script that they could handle now as far as what the final. Final script that godly produced we see in Joss the sons of Sherif Brody. They are now in Florida elder son Mike. He's completing this two year construction project for this underwater structure that he's building in the lagoon at seaworld that people could walk in. There's going to be a restaurant and everything all under the water, and all of these fish are going to be all around them. Mike's younger brother Sean played by John. John Putsch, he's visiting from College Sean. Unlike Mike, he suffers from aqua phobia, he doesn't want to get in the water, and that's brought about from his harrowing near death. Experiences that we witnessed from the first two jobs films, and he has reason to fear here. He doesn't know what though at the beginning, a young great white shark enters into the lagoon through the filtration system and up ends the pre opening day. And when one of the crew ends up, getting viciously chomped. It appears that this might actually not have done. A larger shark would have had to have been responsible, and they shudder to realize that the sharks mother, a massive thirty five foot long great white has also passed into the park, hungry for the taste of human flesh hand, also for the taste of underwater seaworld structures, a lot more to this story than that, but like I say for these jaws sequels you don't. Don't go into the sequels looking for more than just a basic premise now alves brought in some pretty unique ideas for how to shoot the shark, including this point of view, angle this shot from inside the shark's mouth. You're inside the shark. Looking out of its mouth. He originally developed that idea for a scene that he wanted to use the original jaws where. Where the Shark Attacks Matt Hooper in a cage, but Spielberg felt at that time that it distracted instead of enhanced the horror for that scene they built this one point. Six Million Gallon tank at the seaworld marine life theme park in Orlando Florida, and because Orlando is sixty miles inland. Obviously, a shark is not gonNA be able to get in there, but you know. Know through movie it's somehow ends up being on the shore, so they had some additional shooting to take place at the Sea World Park in San Diego as well as the Florida keys to use for some of the water skiing scenes now, though the unpredictability of the weather in the ocean traffic, we're no longer issues as well as the saltwater to the sharks. The shoot would be far from easy for ourselves. Because of the Three D. Process The era vision, three d process this kind of this new state of the art at least at that time, split Lynn system that allow them to use one camera instead of two. It was not quite ready to go, so they brought in Chris Khandan, who was in charge of Stereo Vision? He would come in for the first couple of weeks of shooting using the Stereo Vision Technique, but most of those result ended up being unusable in house mine, so the reflects cameras. Once he did arrive. They had to reshoot. But they were also very challenging to use required extensive pre planning for each specific shot, and at fifteen million dollars budget. This would end up becoming the most expensive three D film May to that date now unlike the prior films, there were not any delays due to a malfunctioning mechanical shark in jaws three, they made the sharks using the chassis from one of the sharks from just two and his new shark, which was designed by Roy Arbogast. It had more flexibility in its movement and its skin, and had articulation in its gills, and it's is would roll back as a real shark does when it bites into something. And there was also another shark used to represent its fin from above the water, and also for its tail section, so they really had everything ready to go. That went like clockwork, one of the few things really now once. Once it was all said and done once he had completed. The film jaws three rolled out without any advance screenings for the public or for critics. They wanted to avoid bad press because they knew that they had a film that probably was going to be derided. So the three D. Gimmick it did interest audiences enough, and it set a box office record on its opening weekend for the big. Big Film made by universal to date. It actually lingered around long enough despite bad word of mouth to generate profit raked in about three times, its shooting budget at about forty five million dollars, and maybe five times, if you factor in the additional thirty two million dollars and took overseas, but critics were far from behind when they did see the final film. They proclaim jaws three D as one of. Of the worst films of Nineteen, eighty-three was nominated for five golden. Raspberry awards those razzies. Worst picture were screenplay Joe Alves for worst director Lou Gossett junior for worst supporting actor that was actually the same year he had won an Oscar for an officer and a gentleman so pretty mixed results there and the two dolphins that are in this film also got nominated Cindy Sandy for worst new stars. So pretty much basted film by the critics, even if it turned a modest profit I, think what made the original jaws effective was the vision and the talent of Steven Spielberg, Spielberg he utilized a lot of his great skills, his eye for cinema, and he created one of the best horror adventure films of all time now just you. It was a considerable step down, and that's mostly because director Geno Swarak. He didn't really have a lot of time. Maybe he didn't have the talent either to construct anything beyond a workable film now with just three Joe Alves. This was. was his first actual direct to`real effort, even though he was second unit director, the previous film, the lack of experience really does show here. He does lack the experience built adequate tension or terror, or even engaging presentation, the charge attacks themselves lack suspense. They're replaced here by cheap attempts at shock and Gore and Joe Alves just did not understand that the terror of a shark attack comes from what you cannot see much more so than what you can. Because the sharks face is featured quite prominently whenever it makes an appearance, and the scares are diminished by the familiarity not..

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