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Saw your time on yesterday. I do not look for one second yesterday. Not for one second. So listen if you haven't figured it out already. Joe biden is the demo god. He destroyed everybody on cable. If you look at the top ten biden with seven of the top ten if you had only the top ten up it was twenty one million viewers. Everything else on cable took a big hit and in fact my wife will make people really mad now. Dynamite took less of a hit than many of these entertainment shows. If you take out the new shows that covered biden. Aws third on cable behind an episode of the challenge. Which what exists. I thought it was done a recap show or something. Somebody help me out it. Also an nba game and Overall show quite frankly did very well given the competition. Eight hundred eighty nine thousand viewers down twenty percent from last week. Eighteen to forty nine tenth on cable a point three three so the demo was barely down from a week. Goes down ten percent and Story of the show is that everybody was watching biden and so it started at about eight hundred thousand viewers and it was roughly eight hundred thousands of us show. It did grow for the inner circle par lay with the pinnacle and some bloke on the twitch yet three argue with me about the darby allin match. Shouldn't have gone on last said bro. Darby allin does great not ten. Well i'll tell you darby on does great and the match with ten. Was i believe the highest rated thing on the show and did very very well so darby allin in the main event against ten did in fact do a great number so next week obviously is blood and guts and my guess. Is that Barring some disaster that takes away all of the Attention to the new shows. It will probably do well over. One million viewers Perhaps i don't wanna make a guess. But i've had people in this by the way is people in w e who normally are overjoyed. If a w does not do well thinking it could do one point five million viewers. So we'll see what it does but those are the numbers. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around that there are plenty of places to go on the internet that can explain to you that in the eighties. Hulk hogan actually wasn't a draw and the crooked territory was actually doing significantly better. Those are good places to go that. May you want to hang out. Well it depends on where and when you're talking about because when wwf came into charlotte one thousand nine hundred five. They pushed out. But that doesn't really matter. Right now because. Wwe one and they're not winning when it comes to some of their you know star making capabilities but what has been proven for me w is to their fans. They have definitely created stars in the time that they've been around one of the biggest ones darby allin regardless of what you think about his character how he russell's or any of that stuff darby allin legitimate star period point blank and when it comes to the numbers. Yeah it stark on paper because it goes from one point two million to one point one million to eight hundred eighty nine thousand but as we have pointed out the times seems to be a direct line between aws fans and when something is happening in the news they are more apt than say the average and t viewer to turn on the news and leave rustling on their dvr for a night or two. You know what i mean so. This is not a big deal whatsoever. There was no bragging coming from anybody from because they know number one. They're so didn't do all that great this week when he came to annex t they were down so there's no nothing to brag about here if you're trying to throw ariza w look in your own backyard and clean that one up but when it does come to w what a perfect week to have a presidential address where you're going to have a little bit of down week because look what you're coming back with and i don't think cinco de maya is going to damage this show all that much considering what's on it so i again i. Hopefully this ends any conversation about ratings today. Nobody brings it back up later on. Because what else can you say. Both annexed awa good shows. They both didn't draw the ratings that they wanted to onto next week. My wife has locked out. Once you go. I think. I may have to go down there and probably and help us. Why don't you talk about whatever you wanna talk about. Actually talking about smackdown tonight. The potential last match daniel bryan. I'll be right back. Everybody time to be a hero by locking the door. Yes go do what you should have done before. The show began Yeah okay well. I guess i'll bring up smackdown here in a moment. One thing. I will mention Just to keep on the same subject of aew as the fact that eighty w is going to have to deal with the nba being on tnt and playoff time. That's just the way that goes as somebody that lived through. The dog shows on usa. The westminster kennel club shows and the us open coming to invade and throw everything off. I'm okay with this now. all right you know. And and as far as the the details. Go dave wrote about it in this week's observer that the wednesday may twenty six show is going to be moving to. Friday may twenty eighth at nine pm eastern so not even be going head up with smackdown so you can have a big friday night experience with your pro wrestling with a plan of filming two hours of dark for the following league starting at eight pm before going. Live that weeks dynamite. We'll be the go home show for double or nothing that sunday. A countdown show for double or nothing. Except for that saturday with the start time known due to the playoffs which it doesn't really matter when it comes to the double or nothing show because that's probably going to get multiple airings all over the place on tnt where they can fit it in. So i don't think there's going to be really any concern there and frankly most awa fans will will find that in other ways If they don't get a chance to see when it first airs gave also said that the changes may mean viewers on. Tv will be getting other programming instead. Due to all the timing of the may twenty eighth dynamite will air there on may thirty first after the pay per view has already happened. So that's going to be one of those little annoyances for fans in the uk who i guess. Don't watch on tv on the fight. Tv app. Which i believe still streams at live the show fall off the rails when i was gone. Not much hold on. Let me finish this up here. And i can transition back to you. The wednesday june second dynamite. We either be moved to a live show on friday june fourth or saturday. June fifth depending on the playoff game. Tnt gets that weekend. That uncertainty is both the reason that brian cage. I'm sorry is the reason. Vote brian cage. Brian pittman junior had to pull out of the june fifth wrestling events. So i figure we were talking about awol. Just go ahead and finish off the programming changes. That could come for the nba. Never heard of it the nba. Just joking utah so Want to mention by the way that filthy. Tom lawlor fox for the pf l. yesterday faced antonio carlos a junior in an opening round light heavyweight battle and unfortunately filthy. Tom was submitted via guillotine. Four forty three of the first round and tom had a guillotine on himself. Well not on himself. But he had a guillotine on antonio carlos junior and Antonio junior escaped the guillotine and then the guillotine filthy. Tom and filthy. Tom very very upset about this. I don't know if you saw twitter. Not i can't even. I mean there were three words and both of them. I cannot say on the air but Tom is not a poor loser. So that should tell ya what. Tom thought about something in this fight. So we'll talk about that with him on monday's edition of figure four daily. Best of luck with thomas. He moves on and he will move on because he is filthy. Tom lower them right. That's the update their smackdown tonight. Daniel bryan roman reigns for the title with daniel bryan leaving smackdown. If he loses was announced a week.

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