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What is your question for them? Let's go to Scott who's calling from eagle river, Wisconsin, Scott, you're on the air. Hi, I found on my head and Norma. They removed it, took them themselves out at a trace. It went back in nearly five more and they were clean, and I was good until twenty seventeen when they found some lumps in my dodgers in my lung, they remove to three of them in two had, no. So I went on the clinical trial iffy and em-empty. And. They stopped after one because of the Justice system. And I was in the hospital for two weeks and you're not a lot of side effects. This is the first year that some of that I'm out and about doing things attack the muscles and joints, and ended up with permits pseudo gout. What would you think it's clean except three months ago, they found a three millimeter to 'em. I Brian. And kitchen checking in. It's not rolling and it's to to go in to get for biopsies. So now keep an eye on it and they'll say, and the reason why it's not growing at the medicine is still working in my system that that song corrupt Scott, I'm gonna say, thank you so much for your call Monica newly. Let me turn back to you. I mean, so sue Scott saying, I see, I think he he's indicating that even with the challenges that he had with the side effects, he would do. He would do the immunotherapy all over again, but but can we talk a little more specifically about the side effects? I mean, Scott talked about the he was hospitalized because the immunotherapy also ended up attacking his digestive system had musculature effects as well. I mean, there are some serious side of messiah affects might even be too light of of word here for this kind of treat their apy. Fortunately, not everyone has bad side effects, but it's way too common and it's one of the big challenges with use of these therapies. Your immune systems there for a reason it's there to attack abnormal cells. And sometimes when you jazz it up to tackle tube or sell, it's going to start exerting bad effects on normal tissues. And that's the other half of the of the coin of the immune system. And you know this whole condition, we know as auto immunity, which is the opposite side of the of the picture. And we're, we have a lot to do to understand these toxins and to continue to work on making immunotherapy very specific for the tumor and to prevent its attacking. Other tissues. Fortunately still happens far too often. So Jim Ellison, that sounds, I don't want to call it a trade off, but it it's part of the complex decision that that a cancer patient and his or her medical team have to go through because I mean, what is what does the overall effectiveness of these treatments is at twenty percent thirty percent. And for those folks, or they also facing these serious side effects. The effectiveness varies from.

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