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Bay Area. Learn more at S f l g dot com On K Q. E D the time right now is 7 30 Live from Kait. Greedy news. I'm Danielle Benton, The head of California's Public Health department has resigned last night, Dr Sonya Angel announced she was stepping down. Angel is departing from her role as director and state public health officer. She did not give a specific reason for leaving, state officials say. Sandra Suri, who works at the California Health Care Foundation, will become acting health director. Dr Erica Pan, who was recently appointed state epidemiologist after being Alameda counties. Top health official will be the acting state public health officer. A new study from the city of San Jose finds that while immigrants largely make up the essential work force, they are being disproportionately hit by the economic effects of the pandemic Shannon Lin reports, according to the study, published Friday. Immigrants, including those who are undocumented, make up a large percent of the agricultural food service and health care sectors and CNN say, however, many are also employed at businesses like hotels and salons that have suffered amid shelter in place orders. So Mama See, l is the director of the city's Office of Immigrant Affairs. She says she's particularly worried about undocumented immigrants who don't get federal aid. It's a community not only of going to Matt with ease public benefit like these checks, but they are so are least likely to have adequate insurance most likely to be renters. Maciel says the city has been providing income relief checks to undocumented immigrants through private donations. I'm Shannon Lin News. A knife. State prison staff member has died from Cove in 19 complications this time, and for the first time a correctional officer at San Quentin, 55 year old Gilbert Bobby Polanco, worked on death row and had been fighting covered 19 for over a month. He died early yesterday morning. Acting San Quentin Warden Rob Ron broom, Feld said Polanco's memory will be carried by the staff who continue to fight the Koven 19 infection at San Quentin. Over 250 staff members at San Quentin tested positive for the virus off those about 90 have returned to work. The East Base. First bus line with dedicated lanes has opened weeds for Cal Maria Dylan has more A C transit has given its new bus rapid transit line, a special name. Tempo, but it actually just replaces the busy line One, which runs from the San Leandro Bart Station through east Oakland to 20th and Broadway and Uptown Tempo has brand new buses that can interact with traffic lights to speed their way and 46 stations, mostly in the middle of international Boulevard. Transit planners say the dedicated lane will mean less bunching of buses, with writers waiting no more than 10 minutes during peak commuting ours. The project took 20 years cost $232 million faced stiff opposition from business owners on international. I'm Raquel Maria Dylan News. More at TBD dot orch IM Danielle Benton Support today comes from fieldwork brewing, featuring same day delivery of craft beer, seven Bay Area locations, online orders it fieldwork brewing dot com. On morning edition Coming up Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai was arrested under the new National security Law Lie is the most significant figure to be targeted since the long was imposed by China more than a month ago. Stay tuned. The idea that having Children is the mark of a normal successful life has lingered in American society. Despite pushback and many people today, especially women still face scrutiny over the decision not to have kids.

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