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Alison Shields, Wdun news and after three days of numbers, trending below 200 covert hospitalizations moved in the other. Direction at northeast Georgia held system hospitals yesterday. 202 patients now being treated for the virus and house In today's local obituaries. Flanagan FUNERAL Home announces the following desk Gary D. Beaver, senior age 80 of Dick Ula, Jackie Joseph, Age, 89 of Lawrenceville and Marty Montgomery Smith Age 73 of Sugar Hill Hamilton Mill announcing the death of Nikolai Nicholas, age 64 of Buford. As well as the death of Maria suppose. Age. 88, formerly of Beaufort Hill Side Chapel, announcing the death of Barbara and Celeste. Age 84 of Lula is well, it's the death of Abel Vela Hernandez Age 70 of gains film. Little in. Davenport announces the death of Sheila Lorraine Peeples Age 76 of Cleveland Memorial Park announces the following death. Jackie Allred, Cooley Age. 68 of Gainesville, Horace Daniel Owens Age. 82 of Gainesville. Andy Lane, Robertson Age 70 of gains. Film Memorial Park North, announcing the death of Katherine Margaret Ledford Gillespie, Elton H. 99 of Gainesville, as well as the death of Barbara Martin Shuman Age 84 Brass Hilton. Memorial Park South, announcing the death of William Tumblin age 42 of Flowery Branch and Wimberly Funeral Home announces the following deaths. Frankie Osborne Age 77 of Gains filled Paul Singleton age 74 of Gainesville and Freddie Lamar Stovall, Age 62 of Gainesville. There's more news it access WD you win forecast for the day gonna start clear and then we'll see it Cloud up is we work into the afternoon but stays mild in the low sixties. We'll take a closer look in just a second. Also get an update on our roads. When you spot a problem. Let us know 7705352911 This update brought you in part by Hardy Chevrolet and little in Davenport Funeral home. Wdun time now seven minutes after seven with mornings on Main Street. Hey, Georgia is John Kruk..

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