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My name is Amy. I'm from batavia, Illinois, and I'm a mother runner up three kids, 6 four and two. I just finished playing Bama bingo by running around my block at nap time. So I could get some sunshine. It's finally sunny here. I wanted your advice on surviving the terrible twos because my two year old is capital T trouble. How did you survive the toddler years and please tell me the teen years are not as bad as everyone says? Your thoughts and perspectives are appreciated. Thank you. So first of all, dim explain briefly what Bama bingo is because we have another person with that. Okay? Yeah, so that is from the stride into the holidays. Stride program that we do. We do for charity around the holidays. It's between right before Thanksgiving to the middle of December. And every Friday or Saturday, we kind of have a fun little challenge where it could be fancy pants or what else did we do? You had to run an errand, to do an errand on the run, or stuff like that. And so one of them was Bamber bingo. So we just came up with 25 squares of just random stuff. Like, you know, peed a little in my pants or, you know, saw a running bumper sticker and one of them was I called, I called into AMR answers. So that's why we have a couple of those. Nice, nice, nice. So good. And this one I specifically chose because Alex our producer said we should broaden our scope of questions to include the mother part of mother runner. So I have to say the toddler years, I want to answer the second part, which is please tell me the teen years are not of as bad as everyone says, I would like to say it's not the teen years you should be worried about. It's the middle school years..

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