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Second highest one day number since March and the start of the pandemic hi Mitch Evans three women were arrested in Raleigh Wednesday for intentionally slowing down traffic on interstate forty during the morning rush hour the coordinated slow down was a form of protest against racial injustice those who participated in the protest were asked to slow down to just ten miles per hour according to the highway patrol the women were charged with reckless driving and impeding traffic three police officers in Wilmington fired after video captured one of them calling for a civil war to wipe black people off the map Wilmington police chief Donnie Williams conversations included a spectacle language Hey feel screech and barred black people S. inward reviews cases are now being examined for bias an investigation is under way in Winston Salem where a juvenile was shot happened around five thirty yesterday afternoon on kill Kerr Avenue the victim shot in the hand no suspect information has been released hurricanes coach rod Brenda Moore snubbed again by the hockey hall of fame it was Brenda Morris eighth year of eligibility and his eighth year being bypassed I'm Kyle Wilson from the JD ServiceNow plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center we're slow forty west bound between highway seventeen bypass and highway seventy business everywhere else interstates moving around well watch for crashing garner Fayetteville road it garner station Boulevard I'm Scott Barnett one oh six one FM talk the leftover showers Saturday maybe a thunderstorm or two increase title clear nicely cooled off a little bit.

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