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Beach state sixty five to fifty nine. Free. Throw is good sixty five to sixty six. The beavers had an eleven point lead at sixty three to fifty two. With seven fifty three to play now, four seventeen to go. The lead has been cut to five and now four. Dial getting both sixty five sixty one four seventeen to play Yussef comes out for a breeder again full court pressure deployed, by the beach. Big league. Oria wa cortra- vich comes for Cuyler. Kelly comes out of the game with four personal fouls. Coach tinkle will get Kelly back in. I'm sure not too long from now. Stephen Thompson, double teamed him backward gets it. Ethan ahead to Reichel two-on-one to the basket missile laptop in by big g on the follow sixty seventy sixty one approaching four minutes to play the beavers. Again. A nice job the beaten zone. Of the core comes day. Sean Booker on the weaved majority. Genie dribbles into the lane. Nice feed for a slam dunk for Mason. Reagan Long Beach state hanging in top sixty seven sixty three Bs three forty five to play Ethan. Thompson left one to Reichel attacks. The basket Ploto from four doesn't go and the rebound grabbed by Mason. Reagan brigands to Booker I had to the left wing to Roberts Roberts down into the lane. De put it up from doesn't get it. Rebound tap by j control by buyers. Bouncer short corner right to Jordan Roberts Roberts gets into four. Mullane is good. And the Bieber laid which was eleven is toes. Act Reichel comes out of the front court. He looks at Austin gets turned into a very physical rock back and forth game a game of runs. The beavers led by eleven leaders to three ten to play. Stephen Thompson comes to the right elbow over the dribble. Stop and go dribble. Jump pastor. Weichel out in the left corner. Back to Steven Steven has the ball poke by Booker out of bounds. Nine seconds on the shot clock to play in the game. The Devers clinging to a two point lead. When we return to action. The Walter pyramid. Fever sixty seven Long Beach state, sixty five on the Bieber sports network from learfields. So if that answers all your questions about your new cloud storage, would you like to hear about our voice over internet systems? Sounds perfect. Thank you so much. No problem. Okay. You see what Tim did there? He came around her left flank here outline the solution clearly.

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