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On 4 41 south on a debut boulevard, blocking your left lane. Also looking at road work on 95 north, um, on the ramp to state road before that off ramp is closed. I'm Ricky Russo News Radio. 6 10 W. Y o D. 12,386 new covid cases reported since when, today in the state Miami Dade School board members agreed to offer full and permanent part time employees $275 incentive payments to receive Covid 19 vaccines. There is the most effective way of preventing Covid 19, pointing to a recent poll data Superintendent Alberto Carvahlo says about 85% of teachers have already received their shots Tuesday. United Teachers of Date hosted a pop up vaccination site since the start of school 13 district employees have died of Kobe. It's believed they were all unvaccinated the president with a message Thursday night back Biden announcing all businesses with 100 or more employees will make sure that their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week. Companies that do not comply could face fines. The new rules were also required all government employees to be vaccinated against Covid 19. There will be no testing option for those employees with Florida's news. I'm Kimba Taylor. 20 years ago, we knew our world would never be the same. We vowed to never forget, and we never will. We've learned that 20 years can pass in the blink of an eye. We should never miss the opportunity to give a loved one. A friend, a neighbor, or maybe even just someone having a bad day. An extra long hug. Let's just take a moment to reflect. And remember September 11th 2000 and one and.

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