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Training hubs in each community. And all you need to become official Gracie Garages Mats and a screen and access to the curriculum and your is listed as a gracie garage at school in the community. There might be seventeen to twenty people who get together three times a week in your garage a train. So now we're combating that lack of training partner consideration. But here's what I'll say to this friends out there who hate us. It's a fact friends out there who hate us because even though you hate me I love you I love you. You're my friend even though you hate me so friends out there who hate us. Here's what I'll say about this. You guys it's a fact that grace the discipline required the humor. The the inborn discipline that is required for someone to learn from a computer monitor right on their own time like really time your schedule allocate in your own house to put it down. Put up a screen and actually watch and then practice with a partner. Coordinate that get together. Those are exceptional human meets agreed exceptionally dedicated exceptionally motivated exceptionally everything and every category. Every person I've met who trains through Gracie University and excels in the process. When meet them I go? Wow your special someone who just doesn't take no for an answer and would not take distance as a concern and you're gonNA learn no matter what category and to be honest that category of people who can learn that long term. I put them in about the five percentile. One out of twenty people that I know are capable of online learning as a true source from Asia's e of here's wild. Those people who become online curriculum highly dedicated progress so effectively so motivated that they ended up going through instructor certification programs and opening certified training centers and becoming the people to open brick and mortar schools. Were then the other ninety five percent who are not as motivated. We'll just kind of get into a room lined up against the wall and then have the one guy who's the fricken hammer say? Yoga is this is what we're going to do today. And they all go okay coach. We'll do that. And they're kind of led by the leader there so it works out perfectly and what I'm trying to say to. You guys is to have no fear because for every one hundred people who goes on a great university and gets enthralled by the beauty of the curriculum the ease of the techniques just the nature of it at ninety five percent. Like this man. This is amazing. But I don't have Matt's I don't have a training partner. I don't have the time and I don't want to do something with my kids are GonNa Bother me. So I'm going to go find a bee. Jj School Gracie or not. They go find any school in their community and the Google Jiu Jitsu Gracie Brazilian in my neighborhood and they show up at. Your guys is schools. Want to hate us and then they say you say hey. How'd you hear about a school? And they say oh. I saw some gracie breakdown on Youtube. I went to Greece University. I saw I love the lessons but now I need to find a school because I can't really learn online. And then you never sent me a thank you letter. They forgot that step. I need you guys to remember that step because you can't throw the hate if you don't throw the love when it actually works in your favor that I introduced someone to Jujitsu you got credit for it. They're your student now. I've nothing to do with it other than the fact that I got him. In your building and Like Choco who recently got to tell them the story who recently a guy came in here and a really cool kid and did his first class and at the end. So how'd you hear about your Jitsu? He's like Jaakko. I'm like I love that man and then so super super cool cat who had his first class and thanks to Jaakko came in here. So I'm not saying oh I got him to Gracie breakdowns. Jaakko got him through a podcast. Sent him here. And I'm throwing appreciation Jaakko. And I. Oh you want Ross able on me and I always say man. Joe Rogan Jaakko. Joe's at the top of the mountain in terms of educating people about Jujitsu. Just say hey you should do Jitsu. His platform is amazing. It's platforms huge. He uses it for good and he doesn't agree really good jobs so for all the People Jo that you've inspired to shake take their first class because of how beautiful you communicate to both in the octagon right there in the fights but also on your podcast day to day. People are starting to Jitsu. Because of Joe Rogan no doubt and I think in a youtube sense like purely like from demonstration on a breakdown sense. I think I've influenced a lot of people with my brother as well helping out you know. Together we've influenced so many people to start Jujitsu ninety nine percent of which we have no idea where they ended up and we've gotten no benefit other than we've got them on the Mat and they're your students so please you guys throw the hate but throw some love right behind. How many participants do you think there are worldwide? Call come on. I've no idea so. I asked John to write because he's tied with tower in a game. And everybody just gets in there like two million. Yeah no I have no idea why sure. It's a waste of time to even speculate. I know that our school has you know. We have a hundred and seventy-five schools. I don't know twenty thirty thousand. Cumulative students there give or take in those schools alone yeah so we have our own little you know. We're making a dent but worldwide all Jayjay. It's every street corner and brothers within five miles of where we sit. There's ten be. Jj Schools Physically fifteen. Maybe maybe twenty five miles. I mean so. Cal was kind of it seems to be the Mecca for the trendsetter. But guess what Wyoming's not far behind Montana's not far behind was just going to say we're the flathead valley. There is there so I trained through. Spg Straight blast gym. There are three of those in the Valley Missoula and there are other schools. Are you guess? So yeah so. They're like pizza parlors now. They're just coming up. It's just happening. So anyways Grace University this online platform has been ridiculous for us. Because it's allowing US first gracie breakdowns we breakdowns people. Go Oh man. This is awesome. When did you guys do your first grade? Five six seven right before the university started. How did YOU Did you stumble across something? You just felt compelled. Esp Dan Hardy. Ufc way back when GSP couldn't admit them then. Our friends from Miami volunteer brothers said Hey Henner he don't you guys you do a video explaining. Why the armed didn't break. People would be intrigued by everyone's like my God. He didn't break his arm. Well how did not break and Dan Hardy's financial data this submission and we did a breakdown and got fifty sixty thousand views than we did a couple more than we did over doom versus fade door when he submitted fate or the favors. I like official loss for by mission. I think I lost ever and We're kind of trying to arm bar in some of these. I think one of these other organizations I think it was strikeforce. Actually caught them. We did a breakdown. I put it up on a Sunday. The fight was on a Saturday and Sunday morning. We try to do them real fast. And then we went to Costa Rica and then three days later. I check my log in and Costa Rica and it had like four hundred thousand views and I was like okay. We hit something. Yeah on your share. We struck a vein. People WanNa know people love and understanding. What's going on? Especially if you're a fan of Emmy it's one thing to say. Oh he got submitted. It's another thing to say. Wait a minute. He did this he did that. And He. You know Bob up and now it's it's not uncommon to get a million or two million views on Conor McGregor. Habib mogomedov breakdown. You get to watch that one. Who's yeah you know late night on that one but the same night? We can't quite happy. It's a big fight will come straight from the house. Lead the family breakdown. So we're committed on that front and Listen. That's how you get average. Mma couch fan to say that stuff is cool are nice. I like how they teach they make sense. And it's I like them. I want to learn from them. And it's far more intellectual. You made that comment earlier to it's far more intellectual than I have the ability to describe bright overwhelmingly intellectual when you're first starting because you get to position like okay. Don't scare them away but yeah it's beautifully intellectual but it teaches you how to so much. You can prioritize. You can play. Make mistakes fail succeed like all that good stuff but it's hard to explain how you'd being crushed so the breakdowns took off and then we're like man. Let's funnel this obviously used. As a primary marketing channel to get people on Gracie University people get on Grace University. The first five six lessons are free on there so you can dabble and see a bunch of sample lessons and then you either say one of two things. I'm going to do this on my own or let me find it. There's a location near me. And then we called certified training centers and these are schools. That have gone through. You know. Pretty robust certification process to learn our curriculum greasy bully proof gracie combative Master Psycho woman empowered. And then they become certified to teach those in their communities and there's four levels of certification blue belts purple belt Brown belt. Black belt in terms of You know the kind of the accolades of the school and then That's it so we have see certified training centers. We have the online channel for those who don't have access to one of those and we're now we're growing like you know twenty thirty new schools a year and That's kind of the business model right now. I have imagined the digital side is helping you guys bridge the gap during what's going on right now as remote learning because that's what I was. GonNa say all the people who are haters. This is the irony of all this. The people who were hating on Gracie University in two thousand age doesn't doesn't ten when I said that you know it certainly is as effective and in some cases more effective than brick and mortar school. Learning the people who headed that. Now one of two things happen either a they also have an online university which many of them do most of them do or be right now while all. Bj schools are being shut down for Corona virus for an unknown period of time for unknown period of time. They are kicking themselves. Saying manner was onto something in two thousand and eight because now even though we don't have classes happening here. All of our students have free online access to the whole curriculum that they're that they're participating in in brick and mortar classes here and what we created a new system to where during this closure period of couple months potentially maybe more when they come back. They're going to be able to demonstrate through a series of verification. Seminars are in how students and students at certified training centers all over the world can demonstrate what they learn while they were out and then if they demonstrate with proficiency the moves they learn they get credit towards their next promotion and like credit towards tangible progress actual attendance credit even though they weren't in the building if they can demonstrate it from what they learn on the videos and practice with their friends and family at home so having the infrastructure in place for the last ten years it's never been more appreciated and necessary and beneficial for us than it is right now as we sit here and it's also being deployed it over one hundred seventy schools around the world where there are also being forced to close and all those schools all of their students get free online access at the same time so everyone else right now. They're trying to film content today to try to put it up in the next week or two or three or four trying to build a makeshift online university. And we've been having this thing built over the last ten years so you said that you guys when you're creating that curriculum you went from a private lesson where you would start and where you would end. What's the first lesson you teach them?.

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