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But you know, with judges scoring and we've we've seen some horrible decisions before that skews this too because everyone just talks goes up crooked boxing, and even if you read online site God fucked by watching like, it's not really a case of crooked boxing there this one they actually way more closer on this one than they were canal triple g one end to especially one the second one you guys wanted to cry because canal winning rounds, but then triple g turn it on in landed the bigger shots and had the bigger rounds was triple g one this. Whoa. What is it was it Cannella winning the rounds using footwork and boxing and the copy strike numbers? Or is it triple G Len in the bigger rounds land the biggest shots. Yes, stay consistent, which one is it. But no again, no one got robbed here. Don't only got robbed a rematch. Ing be great. Both guys made a ton of money. There's a phenomenal fight Pak. Can't wait for the pay per view numbers Showtime killed it. The way ends were great. The undercard was great for you. Not as one heard one heard charleena was a you know, it was a little weird with Charlie brother in there. And then them talking shit and swift going you'll get it when I call. It's like God just fight each other. Please don't they try Charles need to get that singer fight. That would be that'd be great. But yeah, man so end of the day. I have a problem with the decision. I don't it's not a popular opinion. You guys are gonna freak out. But. That's how I saw. I'd love to hear the argument. How you think fury? Just absolutely a Neild just took over those other eight rounds how you cannot give wilder at one or two of those rounds crazy. It's too close to call to close. Call didn't have problem with this excited for the rematch. And I mean, again, what a fricking job by Tyson fury men on believable unbelievable to go in there and outclassing like you did that night. I thought water had an off night. But I also thought it was a big case of fury. Put on the performance of a lifetime. His style. Everything just was tough for to figure out. Very tough to figure out. There's a lot of fighting go on Friday night. You had the tough of finale who spend just kind of dominated a he was the first kind of it's a signature win frus- men. You know, he he beat Damian. My. But even then that's my after Kobe comington. Did it the exact same thing dome? So and then Woodley did to him. So we knew he's for real. But he needed that kind of tough win dough Sanchis would be the tough one. That's a key signature win. That's a huge win. And guys went nine in a row nine in a row. He's due for a title shot. I mean, what do you gotta do man? He had a great comedy is what do you want me to beat up every frigging wealth. Wait till you got the title shot lead. I recommend. Where the fuck is who beat them Jose can concurs cozy. Sarah's. The second find ever, but he hasn't lost in the. Kids troubles man thirteen overall winds Edwards. Remember the kid who beat cowboy? Certain give win Sergio mariah's. He knocked the shit out of him. They'd be Damian my decision than be Sandra's decision lot. So a lot of decisions. So that's gonna be the knock on him. That's that's why when people complain I'm with you. I think he deserves title shot one hundred percent. The only knock on him seemed like Yankees win by decision. So so he he's not rushing to give him a title shot. I liked Darren till like a knockout artist who's exciting. You know? But who's been verse would lead be a hell of a fight? Really good fight. And then off so you had the fights going on a shop to my boy Joseph Ben Evita is gonna win. But then yeah, you had the Australian fight card. Not a good night. If you're not trailing fan. Not a good night at all my shui brothers, both laws shut up to them Tyson. Pedro and tied to a Vasa. Brasilia's brought it, you know, show gun took care of Tyson. Pedro that was a fun fight. And then JD S just. He just used his skill in June. Joe Santos is not done this kind of a resurgence..

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