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Like you said it just a moment ago. I can't ever be in your shoes or feel what you're feeling but i can give you everything i have to try and and make it a better world for the next person and it's like the men's process it's like i totally hold myself accountable for taking advantage of white privilege and a lot of the time i knew it and the more i learned about white privilege the more interesting to me in the more instances of examples of how i subconsciously took advantage of it in so many ways and then realizing that in and maybe moving into a broader spectrum as human beings and celebrating. And it's like yeah. I'm i'm not sorry but i am. I am engaged in. I am aware of what's happened. I have no need to apologize for what happened. But i do have a responsibility to to to say black lives matter. You know because that's where we are truly where we are today. And i've had a much easier gold than my step brothers and sisters have had of it based on that. That's a fact. My stepbrother and i wrote a play call to picnics. A picnic happening at my stepfather's house in the picnic happening at my grandfather's house and it explores all these issues in makes fun of stereotypes. And you know. I wish i could bottle it and share it with people. People are resistant and people are afraid. And people are defensive and and people in america. A lot of them are like ed. Just get over it. You know like the jews assimilated the chinese assimilated. Why don't you assimilate and it's a completely different thing for black people. It's completely different. It's like organized suppression. They've had a much harder road to for sure. This is not a comparison by any stretch of the imagination. But we're seeing what organized suppression looks like and it is ugly. Ooh is it ugly. It is not a pretty thing comes out of fear but it is Is such a difficult thing. And it's like somebody lying to you To your face and saying something else but you actually see that they're lying. They're lying in the way that they're behaving they're actually doing something. That's that's deceitful. It this is really a good time to deal with all of these things. But like jennifer said it starts with each person it starts with the feelings and thoughts that you have within your own self and if you start their little things like looking at things like different perspective whether it's technique the skill the the big picture of the eagle or whether it's just taking a breath and turning off the lies you know you just you turn off the news for a little bit and you put something inspirational in before.

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