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It wasn't abortion. It wasn't guns. It wasn't then ten commandments. In the classroom it was three positive things that swing voters wanted but democrats won't support. Owens had a grueling primary that toughened him up for an even tougher general election but the contest wasn't destructive. in fact. He made his primary opponent. Mike norton his very capable head of the department of transportation with his three things a clean primary and a likable personality. Owens became the first republican governor of colorado in twenty four years and as an aside. He made good on all three promises. It has been fifteen years since he left office. If they don't want bill owens to be to be at historic anomaly. Republicans need to find their magic three things for twenty twenty two all offer up mine caldera says hey if you elect me i will put criminals back behind bars and take vagrants off your streets. I will lower taxes. And i will get the woke culture out of our schools. All three draw clear distinctions from the progressive now in full power of colorado seven. Fifty seven sherry in gal while the whole sports story in northern colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten kfi k. Hey the day's headlines podcast mornings with gail and more and schedule upcoming sports. Broadcasters find them at thirteen ten kfi k. a. dot com do not forget the rule of threes. I will lower taxes under democrats massive increases and rip away their regulatory punishment of small employers. So we can bring back. The jobs chased way. I'll make sure only public schools teach how to think not what to think. We'll get funding to our schools will be places of learning not indoctrinations camman republicans break caldera's first axiom idea thirteen ten. Kfi greeley loveland fort collins.

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